Modern Warfare 3 Hints and Tips Guide

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is poised to be the next big release. We look into the game and dissect the different areas of the game to help you perfect your gaming day 1.

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xxxAnubisxxx2330d ago

Damn... That's a hell of a lot if info gathered on a game that's not even released yet.

Since BF3 didn't really do anything for me, I'm excited for MW3

brown0092330d ago

I've covered this game much more than any other game that has yet to come out. It looks amazing. I'm going to be up all night and will be dragging myself to work on Tuesday morning. CoD all night baby.

JLesinski2330d ago

This is going to be game of the year.

brown0092329d ago

I know that this year has a few great games coming out. But I truly believe you are right on this one. I think it is going to step its game up even more with MW3.

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CBaoth2329d ago (Edited 2329d ago )

Bought it at Kmart when a shipment came from Activision with the SKUs activated. PS3 version is so much better than the PS3 Blacks Ops version. PS3 COD fans will be happy campers (no pun intended).

First thing one should know it properly upscales to 1080p. There is some very minor initial texture pop-in and some jaggy shadowing during MP sessions but it clears up fast. Aiming has been improved quite a bit although honestly I'm testing it out versus AI bots in survival mode as the servers haven't been activated yet. But it feels closer to COD4 than BlOps.

I'm about 1/2 through the SP campaign and the story is less convoluted than MW2. Obviously, it's very cinematic but the weapons are very fun to use like X-25 grenade launcher. It's the same tried and true formula so people expecting less bot respawning on harder levels will be disappointed. It also features the same intel collecting as previous installments so achievement/trophy hunters will have a reason to explore.

Everything in survival mode is unlocked except for a default pistol, shotgun, asssault rifle, etc... But you only have access to the pistol starting each level and the 1st 4 levels. You have to reach I believe lvl5, then 10, and finally lvl15 to access each 4 block of maps. It's a great addition to the franchise. Fans will be pleased.

Spec Ops also features 16 missions with the usual obstacle course to start. It's the same formula as MW2 so people wanting some co-op fun will know what to expect.

MP features 16 maps. My biggest complaint is most of the arenas feel too similar. Notable exceptions include UNDERGROUND - a British trainyard, OUTPOST - the only snow map, INTERCHANGE - a great broken highway map resembling the scene from Battlefield Los Angeles movie, DOWNTURN - destroyed New York section of the city w/ some limited access to the subways, and VILLAGE - African map ripped straight out Resident Evil 5. It even has eerie music, a burned gospel church, and a small hut in the back where cannibalism must've occurred.

Traditionally, the PC version has always been the best with X360 version the best on consoles. If the PS3 version is anything to go by, fans of all platforms should be pleased with the effort from IW and Sledgehammer.

DBLDeathDealer2328d ago

Great info my friend. Should add some of this into the actual guide.

What is the survival mode like. Any good?

You enjoying the game thus far? Met your expectations or what?

brown0092329d ago

I'm super pumped about MW3. It looks like they didn't hold anything back and have thought everything through and will have less bull crap in the game like in MW2 or Black Ops. Respawns thought about. Killstreaks, perks earned, and pointstreaks to help the teams out. All new maps. Spec Ops on any map. You better be sure that it will be in my PS3 after midnight on the 8th and I'll have to drag myself to work the next day. But who cares, I will have played MW3 all night long.