Preview: Super Mario 3D Land Is A Blast From The Past

Super Mario 3D Land feels like a mix between Mario 64, Super Mario Galaxy, and Mario Bros. 3. It’s an interesting combination, but the big question remains; is it any good? The short answer is yes. It’s very good.

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360ICE2421d ago

And the long answer is: No, it sucks.

pangitkqb2421d ago

Unless you have played this currently unreleased title yourself, how would you know?

I'm calling Troll. Get back under the bridge you crawled out from.

360ICE2421d ago

I don't know - I assume. Since the author felt the need to differentiate the short answer from the long answer, I expected the long answer to be something else than the short answer. I mean why treat them differently if not, right?
So I went for the opposite.

You can call the troll hotline as much as you want, I just wanted people to know that somewhere out there there are developers willing to believe in good.

sphinct2421d ago

Looks like a good time. Only a few games on 3DS thus far have appealed to me...and this is one of them. I just wish it was built with a second analog stick!

@360ICE Think about it, buddy. Whatever your INTENTION was with your first post, virtually no one would interpret your motivation as anything BUT trolling, no matter how good a following argument may be.

gameplayingfool2421d ago

Looks like a fun title to me. Im a Mario fan.

DA_SHREDDER2421d ago

I dont agree with ICE, but honestly I don't care how good the game is. It could be the best mario ever and I still feel it doesn't justify the purchase of a 3DS. Mario games can't save Nintendo's handheld all by themselves

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xhedleyx2421d ago

You make absolutely no sense and I think your reading a little too much into that sentence. The author is simply saying that the game is 'great' and then actually expands on why he thinks it's great in the actual story.

It's really not that hard to understand..

Darkfocus2421d ago

Might have to pick up a 3DS again...they've had a price drop since launch right? and I never sold my games cause I was planning to get another when there were more games to play sooo is now a good time? what else has come out since star fox?

pat_11_52421d ago

It's a decent system and the release line up Nintendo has coming up is pretty awesome. I have a preview of Mario kart 7 I'll be publishing in awhile, it's another great title.

MasterCornholio2421d ago

A game like this should have been a launch title. Better late than never.


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