What We Didn't Like About GTA IV That We Hope GTA V Will Fix

GamePro's Kat Bailey: "In retrospect, I don't think Grand Theft Auto IV quite came off as Rockstar intended. I think the desire was to create something bigger than had ever been done before. A living, breathing city with a realistic protagonist. Jetpacks had become passe; now it was all about one man's pursuit of the American Dream.

We all bought into it, at least for a little while, but it wasn't long before the crack began to show. Niko Bellic was positioned as a sympathetic protagonist who is forced to do bad things to survive, but his actions were often jarringly psychotic. And there was that endless procession of "friends" nagging you over your mobile phone. After a while you just wanted to chuck the thing in the East River (or whatever they call it in Liberty City).

But I think Rockstar has been learning. Things got a little better with the first expansion pack, and a little better still with the second. The characters got to be more interesting; the missions less repetitive, and there got to be a real sense of progression, which was missing in Grand Theft Auto IV."

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Outside_ofthe_Box2451d ago (Edited 2451d ago )

^This sums it up for me.

***""...I love the feeling of progression: rising through the ranks, slowly but surely amassing a collection of cars, houses and weapons. Eventually getting to buy an epic place where I can essentially retire with a stable of sports cars in my garage, maybe a helicopter gunship on the roof, and even a tank parked out front to occasionally terrorize the neighborhood.

In GTA IV, that component seemed to be missing somewhat. When I finished the game, I didn’t really think I’d “made it” so to speak. I was still in a fairly crappy apartment in a fairly crappy part of town. I’d be driving around the north parts of Alderny looking at those fantastic big houses on the shoreline, thinking – that’s where I want to be. How do I get one of those places?""***

This^ is exactly how I feel about GTA 4. Other than that I felt that GTA 4 was good especially considering the fact that this was their first GTA game this gen.

farhad2k82451d ago

I don't understand why people hated on GTA IV.
I LOVED the game! I spent endless house on it on my PS3, just finding out new stuff every day.
Then the DLC came through, and that gave me many more hours of play.

And when I upgraded my PC, I installed both of them, and stuck a bunch of mods on, and I still play it to this day.

I honestly can not WAIT for GTA V!
Hope there's a sexy hardened/limited edition version aswell!

raWfodog2451d ago

@ Outside

That's how I felt in GTA:San Andreas. CJ came from hood and got the mansion on the hill by the end of the game and a bunch of properties throughout the state.

nevin12451d ago

I didn't like GTA4 aswell(I had some fun online)

But I hope they do fixed the shooting mechanics, driving(got used it though) and the player walks.

Angrymorgan2451d ago (Edited 2451d ago )

I'll be happy if they promise one thing.......... No god damn pigeons! Gotta catch em all

@outside. Totally agree, rpg progression elements add a lot of replay value. Also makes the whole experience rewarding

swishersweets200312451d ago

i hated all this :

Police system was changed
No rampage
No drug icons
Story was boring
The voice acting was terrible
I didnt dig the theme
Its a 18 plus game and the strippers still have clothes on
The movement was horrible to controll, get bumped and fly 100 feet and roll n die.
Horrible vehical control
The comedy places were funny the first 50 million times i heard it on comedy central 10 years ago since both comedians keep the same stage jokes year round
The other hot spots were lame
The rewards sucked for the extra stuff you had to do
No taxi mission
No firetruck mission
No medic mission
Clothing sucked
Gf missions sucked
The music was ok, but nothing i wanted to listen to.
Every mission felt like this, get in car, have shit target system while you drive or go to warehouse duck behind box shoot people in the head and repeat. the covering sucked as well.

I think the only thing good about the game.. it had a GTA logo on the front.

BitbyDeath2451d ago (Edited 2451d ago )

The worst thing had to be that the story was just so boring, also the characters were unlikeable and the whole look of the game just seemed dirty.

I agree with most things on the post above mine. The car handling was crap and the music was also a major step down from previous GTA's.

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