S.T.A.L.K.E.R. dev working on Xbox 360: Official Announcement

GSC Game World, creator of the open-world PC fps S.T.A.L.K.E.R., has announced it is now officially certified by Microsoft as an Xbox 360 developer.

"We are happy to say the big efforts of our company aimed to obtain the official Xbox 360 developer status now ended with success. Obtaining such a status for an independent developer based in ex-USSR means a lot - it took us over 2 years to get. We are very thankful to Microsoft for the assistance and high esteem of our team's professionalism," said Sergiy Grygorovych, the CEO of GSC Game World. "From now on, our old ambition to create multiplatform projects has become a reality. Such a policy is also fully compliant with the current game industry tendencies."

Despite GSC's plans to create multiplatform titles, Grygorovych notes that the developer will "continue paying maximum attention to the PC platform".

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predator3917d ago

cool, was stalker any good?

mighty_douche3917d ago (Edited 3917d ago )

...and i was quite disappointed. still its a OK game that might appeal to some.

Gorgon3917d ago


Stalker is very good, but a bit rough on the edges. I played it without the patches or any of the mods, so I'm sure things have been smoothed.

Regarding the game per si, its really good, has a nice storyline, and a unique ambience. But if your thing is Halo, Call of Duty, Gears of War and such, then this is probably not the game for you. But who knows, give it a try.

MK_Red3917d ago

Super awesome news. Hope STALKER for 360 arrives soon.

As for PC version, it was a great and fun semi open-world FPS with great atmosphere and some cool elements.

urban bohemian3917d ago

The first release had its issues, now fixed with the latest patches. The game world is immersive, interesting and exciting. Lots of replayability and fun. It needed alot of hardware to play properly at the time but now i'd suggest anyone who can should pick it up. Also there is a sequel/add on coming out early next year. Def time to have a go mate.

PS I picked it up for about £10 on ebay a couple of months ago!

Vojkan3917d ago

STALKER- was nothing special. If it was released after COD4, HALO3, and Crysis, people would be laughing their azzes of on stalker.

green3917d ago

are they saying they saying that they are developing for PC and PS360 or just PC and 360?

predator3917d ago (Edited 3917d ago )

sounds like ms platforms at the mo, they are most likely talking to sony like they did with ms but at the mo i think just PC 360


read that also, think of it as you will

Mr Marbles3917d ago

Will see a lot of small and/or up and coming studios start off on the 360 alone due to the larger install base (greater sales with less risk) and lower cost of development. Good for them I say, and good for MS, buy keeping development costs on the 360 low, and maintaining a larger install base, developers can take risks on more innovative games and less standard shooters, sports, and etc. Good low budget games from smaller studios will flourish in this kind of environment.

mighty_douche3917d ago

you realise this is a 2 year old PC game right? its pretty much tried and tested. not exactly innovative.

Gorgon3917d ago

Myghty Douche, Stalker came out in February this year. Its not a 2 year old PC game. And yes, its VERY inovative. At least much more than Halo or Call of Duty series.

Skerj3917d ago

Not only that but it took FOREVER to come out to begin with. I like STALKER more than Crysis really, but they could have done a lot more with the dev time than what we got. Here's hoping that Clear Sky or whatever other game they're working on shows it.

Gorgon3917d ago

Skerj, they actually tried to do much more, but they had a lot of development problems that lead to the delay, especially with the AI.

After all, they were pretty ambitious but lacked the needed experience. In any case, the game came out well, although it was not the hype, and it was a bit rough on the edges.

Skerj3917d ago

My only issues with the game were that money was nigh useless (except for the occasional suit upgrade), and after a while there wasn't a lot of weapon variation. I guess I was hoping for a little bit more Deus Ex inside of it, but I did like the game a LOT. The AI was awesome and made me laugh at Bioshock when I finally played it. When you can watch a game world run itself without your interaction, you know the devs did something right.

Saw bandits raid one of the camps and the Stalkers killed them all (without me intervening) then mutants came to the outskirts of the battle scene pulling bodies away and chewing on them. It was my first time seeing that particular mutant so I was like "wtf is that?" and pulled out my binoculars. And you haven't seen freaky crap until you've gotten near the center and night time rolls in.

Gorgon3917d ago


Yep, thats true. That's why I say it was rough around the edges. Some things could have been better implemented. Lets see how Clear Sky goes.

I agree with you on the AI. It was awsome, specially the ALife system. Just looking around with the binoculars was great, it really felt like the world was living on its own. No game has surpassed STALKER in that aspect and I doubt we will see that soon.

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