Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Patriots - Target footage is disappointing to say the least

DSOGaming writes: "Not only that, but - and in order to appeal to the casual crowd - Ubisoft plans to add all those annoying 'features' like special vision modes, highlighted objects and enemies, regenerative health and a covering system that seems to be a must these days. But more or less, this is to be expected. After all, even Hitman: Absolution has an x-ray vision mode that has no place in a game like that. And that's why we are really disappointed with this target footage. Because it doesn't show anything new, anything original, anything noteworthy apart from its graphics - that won't be the same as Rainbow Six: Patriots will be released in current generation consoles."

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Soldierone2174d ago

Couldn't disagree with the article anymore. Right from the snippet "add all those annoying 'features' like special vision modes, highlighted objects and enemies, regenerative health and a covering system that seems to be a must these days" have you played any Rainbow Six games before? Mostly targeting the cover system, because Rainbow Six did it amazingly well and thats why it carried over to other games....and I'm pretty sure the "vision" thing was either a mistake as its a PROTOTYPE or just an idea they had.

QTE's are fine, its a friggin cutscene and they had you interact with the game while you watched it....The goal of a developer is to make you feel like you ARE that character and the way they did this worked really well.

and I don't see how you got "generic" from the core gameplay. He had to make decision on who to shoot, he had civilians running around him, he had to use a car for cover as the enemies pushed another one towards him. It wasn't a random ambush of 20 guys all guns blazing like every single other FPS in the world....

"After the Ghost Recon series, Rainbow Six is dead. Well… to be honest… it was already dead but we were still hoping for a comeback. " Last time I checked TONS of people enjoyed the Vegas games, including myself. Sorry that Call of Duty has impaired your vision on what an FPS is....

Fact is Rainbow Six, when done correctly, won't appeal to the same audience as COD. Just like BF it will be "too hard" or "not enough senseless action" in the single player to appeal to them.

john22174d ago (Edited 2174d ago )

If you enjoyed the Vegas games, then you are really new to the Rainbow Six series.

FYI, the first Rainbow Six games (in which you were planning your route via a map) were FPS' and didn't have any covering system. Still, they are better and have more replayability than the Vegas'

Laxman2173d ago

Hell yeah, I still have fond memories of Rouge Spear on my Dreamcast. Such an amazing game. Would absolutely love a return to form for the series. Would be one of the most unique FPS games in this generation. This new one looks like its just trying to be another CoD. I mean, there's nothing wrong with that, for CoD, but Rainbow Six was once one of the most respected shooting games of all time for its originality, and I would love to see some of that return.

pctrollv42173d ago

you have obviously not played the OLD rainbow six games right? like the other comment said, if you enjoyed vegas the most then you are new to the series. Regenerative health is retarded, as well as visions and targeting mode. This went from being a realistic shooter to a console catered fps bullshit of a game. Farcry was destroyed so ubisoft is up to their shit again by destroying this franchise.

StraightPath2173d ago

I played numerous Rainbow Six Titles, and the vegas was a great game for its time. The multiplayer was great. This article is full of opinions, which the writer thinks as facts. Not a great article at all. Infact after watching the prototype looks pretty interesting game as that was a nice moral choice. Throwing the family guy from the bridge.

Bigpappy2173d ago

As a single player, I can see why some prefer the team management options of older rainbow 6 games. But Vegas was one of the best co-op shooters I have ever played. PvP was also a lot of fun.

So I prefer Vegas because I like play co-op with my friends. I also like Ghost for the same reason. I spend months in these types of games with my buddies.

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Psychotica2173d ago

Never played the old Rainbox six games, how can they not have a covering system? That doesn't sound to realistic without one.

wallis2173d ago

Well there was this crazy idea back in the old days of the gaming industry when it was believed - and bear with me here, this is where a lot of people get lost - that gamers had IQ scores that ventured in triple digits. As such cover systems were unnecessary because concepts like "crouch behind wall to avoid being shot" wasn't considered to be beyond a player's grasp. Instead the devs gave us a "crouch" button and sometimes a "lean" button and we'd press those to achieve things like crouching, say if we needed to crouch behind a wall, or to lean, say if we needed to lean outside of cover.

Not that there's much wrong with cover systems, they work with a lot of games. I'm just saying there was a time when it was actually expected of a player to get out of the way of bullets instead of pressing "A" and getting magnetically attracted towards the nearest convenient piece of waist high cover. And of course that cover will always offer perfect protection, because that's so realistic isn't it!?

By the way, if you were being sarcastic I'm sorry. If you weren't being sarcastic, go away, hit puberty, read catcher in the rye, discover masterbation, then porn, then girls, then my chemical romance, then cut yourself a couple of times, then go back and discover games like system shock 2 and doom retrospectively, then loath all modern developers. And when you realize that all the stores near you do midnight releases for MW3 but not skyrim and you physically gag... then congratulations, you're of an appropriate age to realize why your comment above was fantastically retarded.

john22173d ago

What wallis said. There was a time when you could take cover without pressing a single button

Clayman2173d ago

I agree with the article in that the game doesn't seem to do anything new. And the gameplay certainly didn't look very tactical to me which is what Rainbow six is all about. Not interested at all at the moment but I'm open for change.

Dlacy13g2173d ago

I played old rainbow six...played Vegas series as well. Both types had strengths and weaknesses. Vegas had a level of polish to it that was very much lacking in the older rainbow six games. That said, old school six had a much more tactical approach, planning the strike, out fitting the whole team, hand picking the right guys for the job at really did lead a team. I hope they bring those elements back.... I have no issue with vision modes, etc... Just bring back some of the tactical planning elements that were scraped with Vegas.

joydestroy2173d ago

i'm not worried. there's still a lot of development time left for this game and i loved both the Vegas games. just glad there's going to be another Rainbow Six.

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