Should You Buy The PlayStation 3D Display?

GameInformer: "We take a look at the soon-to-release monitor/TV from Sony to determine if it's worth the $499.99 asking price.

If you're like most of the GI editorial staff, you still need some convincing before you're sold on the need for a 3D television. Between the clunky glasses, lower resolution, occasionally blurry visuals, high cost of entry, and dearth of content built from the ground up with 3D in mind, home 3D is still a hard sell.

For better or worse, Sony has jumped in headfirst with 3D, and the newest slate of games for the PS3 increasingly have the "3D Compatible" label prominently on display. To further open up the market, Sony created this new monitor built for use with PS3 3D games. We took the final model for a quick test drive, and here's what we discovered."

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MultiConsoleGamer2425d ago

This is the best 3D TV in its class. But if you want one this holiday season, you had better get in line, because they are going to be in short supply.

DarkTower8052425d ago

I just saw a commercial for a Vizio 3d tv where you can use the same glasses as in the theater. That sounds a lot better than having to buy special glasses. If I had to choose I'd choose the Vizio.

DeleteThisxx2425d ago (Edited 2425d ago )

I'd rather put my money into a quality 3DTV

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RBdrift2425d ago

Those same theater glasses(Passive polarized glasses) your talking about look like shit on a 3dtv. If you want to save money and have a half ass'ed 3dtv then go for it, but so far the best 3dtv's on the market are the one's with shutter 3d glasses. Theres a huge difference between the both.

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archemides5182425d ago

those tvs that use "movie theater glasses" are only half resolution, so max 960x1080 per eye, and any scaling of the image at all already looks terrible for 3d games

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kharma452425d ago

It's not a TV for a start, it's just a monitor.

Baliw2425d ago (Edited 2425d ago )

Everybody here fails at seeing this as a TV. This is a monitor. The dot pitch in this baby powns any TV out there.

Same resolution, more pixels = better image.

Now I just need to know the real dot pitch number. 0,26 maybe?

sashimi2425d ago

I would if i could sigh, to many games to buy and Vita launching early next year makes this a no go for now.

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Si-Fly2425d ago

The sacrifice in AA and resolution is just too great for me to play my PS3 games in 3D. Uncharted is such a gorgeous game and whilst the 3D works well I turned it off after chapter 4 and now feel like I'm seeing the true beauty.

I think the next generation of Playstation will offer a much better 3D experience and until then I'll play 3D games on my PC and use my PS3 for 3D blurays.

SoapShoes2425d ago

Hmmm I say Uncharted 3 is beautiful in 3D.

Si-Fly2425d ago

Try turning it off, you'll be amazed at the lack of jaggies and crispness.

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archemides5182425d ago

you out your dam mind

redo your display settings and set the screen size to 11" and say that stuff again

Si-Fly2423d ago

Uncharted 3D confirmed by digital foundry to be 896x504p in game... that's why it looks shit compared to running the game in 2D at 1280x720p

archemides5182423d ago

nope, you're getting almost the same full resolution when you account for different perspectives per eye, and a greater "implied resolution" as your brain merges the images. what you should have said as an argument is that some of the level of detail models are lower, such as missing grass in the chateau level, but even that isn't valid because once you get the proper settings it doesn't look like that the 2d version at all anymore.

try the display settings trick i told you, and leave the in-game 3d slider on max.

Si-Fly2421d ago (Edited 2421d ago )

Implied resolution lol! You need a health check buddy!! So with your theory when I play my pc games at 1080p with 3D vision I'm getting twice the resolution that I do at 1080p at 2D? I think a trip to the opticians is in order for you because if your not noticing the difference in resolution on Uncharted you've got serious problems....

archemides5182421d ago (Edited 2421d ago )

you are completely wrong, yes it is twice the amount of pixels seen with nvidia 3d vision running at 1080p because the game is rendering at 120 fps, not 60. that is why it takes twice the power. the "implied resolutions" is a common fact, go ahead and ask your "optometrist" or just alternate closing one while looking at any object and then the other, and then look with both, and neither individual eye would be as clear as both. but hey if you don't want to try to adjust the settings then go ahead it's your loss.

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