Blistered Thumbs: Uncharted 3 Review

BT: I highly recommended the title to anyone who even got the smallest bit of enjoyment out of the series so far. Due to the way the story is constructed, it actually leaves itself quite open to new players coming in for the 3rd installment and get just as involved as those who have been here since the beginning, which is an achievement in itself. With all the great games coming out this fall, be sure to do yourself a favor and not overlook this one, you would regret it later.

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Beast_Master2453d ago

I like the bait, give the game an average score but say nothing but great things about it. Not falling for it this time. I have been playing the game the last couple of days and my personal feeling is it is the best game I have ever played, my wife almost broke my PS3 last night bc I could not pull myself away long enough to sit down for dinner. lol I was one that thought this game would get old but for me this feels like a perfected version of what Naughty have been doing since the first game years now. I can't put into words what it is like playing this game, just have to play it for yourself.

Blacksand12453d ago (Edited 2453d ago )

People always trying to put down the game of the year, given him a low score. But they don't know Nathan!

MaxXAttaxX2453d ago

Some of these 8/10 reviews sound exactly the same as the 10/10 reviews.
Only difference is the number score.

SockeyBoy2453d ago

You think 8/10 is average!? F**k me!

_Aarix_2453d ago

Handle the freaking criticism. 8/10 is a good score.

SoapShoes2453d ago

What criticism? It was a glowing review!

Chitown712912453d ago

Just seen an article about Uncharted 4. I want Naughty Dog to wait and put that out next gen. Currently, I want them and Sony to get behind Eight Days. Really wanted to see that game, and still do. What do you guys think?

ambientFLIER2453d ago

Having skimmed the article within 10 seconds, I saw several things that weren't glowing in the review. U mad bro?

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Amiz2453d ago (Edited 2453d ago )

Beast_Master: "I like the bait, give the game an average score but say nothing but great things about it. Not falling for it this time."

Bait? The guy clearly says what he likes and doesnt like about the game. I don't agree with some of his opinions personally, but it doesn't mean he's trolling for hits just because he thought the game was worth 8/10.
Feel free to disagree with the score, but if you haven't read it then don't make assumptions about what's in the review. It's still a positive review and an 8/10 definitely isn't "average". I doubt anyone is going to read this and think Uncharted 3 isnt worth buying

Der_Kommandant2453d ago

This game deserves a new rating scale above 10

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zero_gamer2453d ago

I purchased the game on the day after launch (yesterday). It's really a must have if you like Uncharted, but IMO Uncharted 2 is still my favorite in the franchise. My personal rating wouldn't be an 8/10 but more like an 8.5 or 9/10. Keep in mind though, just because UC3 is your favorite game, that doesn't render an 8/10 review bait material.

SoapShoes2453d ago

I liked U3 better than U2. I also liked U1 better than U2 but U2 is still one of my favorite games.

GoldPunch-TR2453d ago

absolutly low score for uc3

Amiz2453d ago

Quit being a buthurt fanboy and accept that not everybody is going to find Uncharted 3 a perfect 9/10 or 10/10 experience.

NoobJobz2453d ago

Exactly. People act as if everyone should love the game. My favorite game is Shenmue. Don you want me to cry every time someone says they don't like the game? Well, I won't. I realize different people like different things. Personally I would give U3 a 8/10 as well. Good game.