Nintendo Wii Is Top Rated Among America's Youth

For teens and young adults, Apple brands are highest ranked computer, mobile phone, and tablet "Brands of the Year"; HP, HTC, Motorola Xoom also contend

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HALODST2304d ago

Kudos to Nintendo for taking the risk with the wii

2304d ago
WANNAGETHIGH2304d ago ShowReplies(3)
TheFallenAngel2304d ago

As in youth they mean 5-10 year olds?

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Ddouble2304d ago

Wait what.

Wii, then PS3 then the DS with no mention of the 360, in America!? I'm not too sure about that.

What even makes it worse is this quote

"For video gaming to have the highest equity scores compared to all other tech categories, and Wii the highest within the category, implies that Wii has serious potential to stretch into other products... One day we may be saying, 'move over Apple, here comes Wii."

Studio-YaMi2304d ago

it must be either a joke article trying to be funny or just a Nintendo fanboy in action,I mean no mentioning of the Xbox360 in America ? seriously ? in the region it is mostly selling ??

and with that quote you mentioned,now am certain that it's a troll article =/ !

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