Capcom Not Releasing a Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City Demo or Beta

Capcom denies reports of a 2012 Operation Raccon City beta and releases an official statement.

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pedo_across-the-road2330d ago (Edited 2330d ago )

It's like they want this game to fail.

sashimi2330d ago

They know if theres a demo, we wouldn't buy it since we'll know how sh!tty it'll be.

lifesanrpg2330d ago

I played it at PAX this year and while I'll always love the original RE's...this one was surprisingly entertaining.

It doesn't feel anything like a RE game, but the gameplay is fun. I still prefer the old ones though.

banjadude2330d ago


How's the movement, gun-switching, etc speed like? Also, are there a variety of enemies to fight?

Thanks in advance!

lifesanrpg2330d ago

Gun switching is pretty fluid but ammo was scarce.

The majority of fighting was against swarms of zombies who were pretty easy to kill but occasionally one would get behind and you'd have to melee it. Then we ran into actual umbrella guys with guns. then we got into this garage and another type of creature was in there (not sure what kind but it destroyed us)

The movement and handling was all normal, not clunky at all.

It's a fun shooter and fun multiplayer game, but feels nothing like RE.

RedDead2330d ago

Might be a no buy for me then...or I might rent to see how it is. I like how itlooks but am skeptical. People will run it down for being a Spinoff. Really, they should just pretend it isn't RE an see how it is.

TheBlackMask2330d ago

Why though

Capcom have been crap this gen and it's people go along and always give them "a another chance"

They'll never learn learn from their mistakes at this rate.

DasBunker2330d ago

rent you say?? haha knowing capcom and the latest trend this game will require an online pass.. screw that

zerocrossing2330d ago

A rent sounds ok, but Capcom have pulled way to much crap recently so if they get any backlash from RE-ORC they deserve it.

ScubaSam212330d ago

If they do not give us a beta or demo, then I have no desire to give them my $60.00.

I have little faith in the developer (Slant Six Games) as well, look at what they did with Socom.

noxeven2330d ago

I played it at nyc comic con. Its sweet defiantly a day one buy. basically the game play is similar to socom/resident evil type feel but i mean if remember its done by the same team that worked on socom one. R1 shoots, O reloads , x pick up item, that type of setup basically you pick it up and go. Its not like the original res but like its been said your playing as rss you know hunks group they know how to handle the situation

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The story is too old to be commented.