What Licensed Games Can Learn From Batman | GameBlurb

GameBlurb, "After beating Batman: Arkham Asylum, I thought about why it was so great, especially when other licensed games pale in comparison."

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kramun2421d ago (Edited 2421d ago )

They can learn to use people who have a genuine love for the subject matter they are dealing with. And treat the license with respect.

It's something that is very clear when you play the Batman games, they seem to be more of a labour of love than just something to rake the cash in. There is a lot of attention to detail that a Batman fan can appreciate.

DragonKnight2421d ago

And what's really great about these two Batman games is that they are a far cry from the horrible horrible other Batman games made for a quick cash in on a name. It's like you said, it's clear that the devs are fans of Batman and that's why it's so great.

Venox20082421d ago

batman: begins is also great.. others.. hmmm

360ICE2421d ago

Cars: The Video Game, Guitar Hero: Aerosmith, Ratatouille (PSP) and Toy Story 3 are examples of other licensed games that kick ass too. Marvel Ultimate Alliance and Surf's Up was what kept me going back in 2007.

teedogg802421d ago (Edited 2421d ago )

I would love to see what Rocksteady could do with Spiderman.

NYC_Gamer2421d ago (Edited 2421d ago )

i really wish that rockstedy could make games based on marvel characters at times

waljaber2421d ago

i wish activation change the way the make games, they got great marvel games licensed but horrible playability.

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