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mighty_douche3830d ago

thats a far chunk of cash. guess they see a bright future in Sony.

Capt CHAOS3830d ago

They are going to be a sound investment. I don't think their stock will go any lower.

I say it's a buy, good investment, they'll be doubling their money over the next year and a bit..

Vojkan3830d ago

SONY RULEZ, rest of fa!got consoles suck elephant penis! Muahahah Gigantusaurus is killing, slathering everything in its path....blood of Wii gayness and Xboxcrapness is everywhere, slip their throats, killing them muahahahah DOMINATION beyond!

TheMART3830d ago

So Taliban Terrorists are now investing in Sony? Sounds good :P
Middle East funds about anything that's competing with USA nowadays haha

Bad_Karma3830d ago

Mart you just talk bollocks for the sake of it ? or do you really buy into your own bullshit ?

Fighter3830d ago

That's just wrong man. It shows how old you really are. I don't agree with the laws of the Middle East but I have been to Dubai and it's quite modern. They even have bars serving alcohol which is not allowed in Saudi Arabia, the country that supposedly funds the U.S according to Fahrenheit 911 by Michael Moore. Your president is even close with their leaders for chrissakes. In Dubai MS even has a big office there.

BTW, Taliban is based in Afghanistan, please read some newspapers on print or online before you make elementary school comments.

YoMeViet3830d ago

Just b/c they are Arab doesn't mean they are terrorist dumbass....

allforcalisto3830d ago

never leave n4g dude you're hilarious.

Silverwolf3830d ago (Edited 3830d ago )

is a gem in a pile of surrounding sh!t (I've been there) and probably the only place that REALLY likes Americans (considering we saved there asses back in 91).

Bonsai12143830d ago

for a 39 year old, or however old you are, you're not that educated.

Dubai is probably the most modern city in the middle east.

and its a good investment, because sony stock is bound to go up during the holidays.

and to whoever above said that sony is having a "tough time," please do some research before you talk. only sony's video game division is suffering. everything else is having strong sales, especially its line of HDTVs

Evil0Angel3830d ago

you just [email protected] american scum...people like you make me think 9/11 is something good and make me wish another one hit ur [email protected] ignorant country.

USA= Ugly Scum [email protected]

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Bolts3830d ago

I guess with this infusion of capital the Sony Corp will now operate like a "well oiled" machine!

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