VideoGamer's Monday Morning Rant

Videogamer writes:

"OK. This rant is something that won't bother everyone. In truth it's something that only bothers me every now and then, but when it crops up my faith in the offender as a solid developer is diminished. What am I talking about? Lack of customisation options in video games.

This problem can come in many levels of severity. Let's take Microsoft's Scene it? as an example of a slight problem. The game isn't anything we haven't seen before, but it's done well and is one of the increasing number of titles that appeals to gamers and non-gamers alike. But it's totally devoid of options.

But there's worse still. Video games are designed with right-handers in mind. Thankfully I'm right handed, but for many left handed players the ability to switch the control of the left and right analogue sticks around can make the difference between a game being great and totally unplayable. Again, this is something that isn't hard for a developer to do, but it's something that is often not included. For these 'southpaw' gamers, this option means everything and developers simply don't seem to give the problem the respect it deserves."

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DeFFeR3920d ago

What kind of freaking options do you need for SceneIt? ?

There are right and wrong answers, don't complain if you're just stupid.

S1nnerman3920d ago

Why do games now seem to only allow one save now? It means when my friends come over, I'm reluctant to let them have a go because they're going to affect my score. Is there a way round this? It really bugs me!

Thank you for listening :)

spectyre3920d ago

Another thing that really peaved me about the PS2 is that most games won't recognize the memory card in slot 2.