Top Five Megami Tensei Games

91.8 The Fan: "Ah, it’s that wonderful time of the year again. The weather is crisp yet not too cold, there’s a gallon of apple cider in the fridge, and Halloween is just around the corner. And what better way to celebrate Halloween than to take a moment and countdown one of the best demon centric game series in recent memory: Megami Tensei. This is quite possibly one of my favorite game series, to the point where I actually buy all of their games on principal. I know that they’re going to be good enough to justify the purchase, and even after several years they have yet to let me down. Whether it be the fun high school dynamic of the Persona games or the intense action of the Devil Summoner titles, there is just something about the way these games combine elements of demonic horror with their surroundings that appeals to me."

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