How Okabu forced me to be patient

Sam Alegria: Thinking I could help my girlfriend with this game, I learned that I could use some help with being patient.

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NagaSotuva2396d ago

Playing co-op with my wife is the only way I'd play Okabu.

THR1LLHOUSE2396d ago

This sounds cool...I love playing co-op games with my girlfriend. Only, she's the impatient one...and if I started to fall behind, she'd end up going on without me...It'd be like New Super Mario Brothers all over again!


lethalsilicong52396d ago

A game about cloud whales? I wish the reviews on it were more positive :(

Gungnir2396d ago

I don't know if I want a game to force me to be patient with someone else.

SybaRat2396d ago

...but when do you start killing things? I do not understand.