Official Grand Theft Auto V website launches

SystemLink: "The official GTA V website has been set free from Rockstar's grasp - though currently only houses the trailer and a link to the press release."

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Perjoss2330d ago

I really like the new GTA logo, if it's released next year its going to be a good one, Mass Effect 3, Diablo 3 and maybe a new GTA, good times!

360ICE2330d ago

Diablo 3's release is next year. Unfortunately that never changes, and it will still be set for release 'next year' in 2012.

I mean, we haven't seen that game for 12 months. And that's enough to declare it legaly dead!

benpicko2330d ago

So the release of the beta and the early 2012 release window means that it's officially dead?

BlmThug2329d ago

Far Cry 3, GTA V and Hitman Absolution :D