Rock Band Drum Expert: musician says alright, gamer says awesome

Product-Reviews writes:

"This video shows the Rock Band drum set being used by what looks like an expert, although I am a gamer and think this is awesome, I also would believe a musician or drummer would think it's just ok."

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gamesblow3889d ago

As heard on my website I play guitar with a pretty decent band, and I'm no drummer, but I have messed around with drum kits and more so electric 8 piece drum kits and rockband offers up about the same level of experience as playing on a really, really, really, cheap electric drum kit... Only "really, really, really, cheap"

Anyone who plays drums will probably say the same thing... Rockband could possibly teach you how to time beats and stuff, but it hasn't helped me out any. So far, anyways.

It's a decent game, though. Better than Guitar hero for what it's trying to accomplish in my opinion.

sevanig3889d ago

yer owning a Roland electronic drum kit, this does look cheap, but I would love for connectivity with rockband and my full drum kit (not just 4 pads), man that would be fun...

sa_nick3889d ago

And they only posted him playing Maps? There's a sweet vid on youtube of the same dude playing some metallica which shows off the drums much better.

Jamegohanssj53889d ago

I'm more than likely getting this for Christmas, so I'm keeping a eye on these videos.

MyNutsYourChin3888d ago

What was the point of this video?