14 ways to spot a Call of Duty player in Battlefield 3

OXM UK: "Other than by looking at the bottom of the leaderboards."

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360ICE2266d ago

That's racist. Next they'll be writing articles on how to spot minorities in urban environments.

StanLee2266d ago

7. They'll never spot people...

So I guess everyone playing Battlefield 3 on consoles is a Call of Duty player.

egidem2266d ago

StanLee is pretty much correct. The same thing happened in Bad Company 2. Spotting makes all the difference. If you think there's an annoying sniper across the map who won't die, spot them.

Biggest2266d ago

As with every FPS game, you should always play with people you know. Spotting is never an issue in the games I play.

Legion2266d ago

"7. They'll never spot people...

So I guess everyone playing Battlefield 3 on consoles is a Call of Duty player." - StanLee

I guess that makes me the messiah of console gaming then because my middle name is SPOT.

The IRNV scope and me are married at the hip. It was MADE for spotting!

lsujester2266d ago

I see the non-spotting more in the console versions (well, PS3, anyway) than in the PC. I don't know if it's something to do with types of gamers or what, but there does seem to be a difference. IMO, what little that means.

Legion2266d ago


Well switch over to Xbox 360 and jump on my squad. You will be like a kid in a candy shop with all the candy corn icons over the enemies heads.

You might see me at the middle or bottom of the leader boards because I only get 20 points for spotting bonus. But with a good squad then we get the ACE Ribbon racked up. (note the good squad. Some people aren't smart enough to stay together in squads)

AKS2266d ago (Edited 2266d ago )

There are plenty of players in the PC version who do very little if any spotting. I experienced an unhealthy dose of that today.

I'd also like to add my pet peeve of getting a knife in the back when I KNOW there are people on my team behind me perched in an elevated position. They don't kill the guy sneaking up on me and don't warn me. I guess they just sit there and watch him do it. Go team!

Bolts2266d ago

Always, always, always. Spot. Spot everything. If I see an enemy, he get spotted. I usually spot guys before even pulling the trigger now.

stevenhiggster2266d ago

Yeah I'm the same Bolts, the first thing I do when I see an enemy is spot him before pulling the trigger. It helps you to aim at them yourself and if by any chance you don't get a kill you'll still get both kill assist points and spot assist points, so its a win win!

Cenobia2266d ago


I do spot people, but I would do it a lot more if I could more easily reach the button.

I play support most of the time, which relies on mounting the gun on something. As soon as you touch the left stick you become unmounted. This happens frequently when holding L1 and reaching over for select.

I wish I could switch the Up D-Pad button to spot, but for some reason Battlefield does not let you configure buttons to your liking.

Also, they never tell you it is possible to spot people as far as I could see. I don't think most people read the digital manual to find out. They probably assume it is some sort of perk or a class feature that makes people appear.

ChrisW2266d ago (Edited 2266d ago )

Concerning #9 - My sniper rifle reloads super slow, but hey! it puts big holes in walls. And besides, I see nothing wrong with rocket propelled sniper rounds.

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Echo3072266d ago

Funny stuff but it's unfair to lump all CoD players together (like the BF die hards seem to love to do). My crew played a ton of BLOPS when it came out, now we're playing BF3. We talk simple strategy, band together in vehicles when it seems appropriate, and always play objectively.

That said, I've spent way more time playing CoD than the BF games. A CoD gamer doesn't always equal a dumb gamer.

Funny article, though.

Laxman2266d ago

"CoD gamer doesn't always equal a dumb gamer."

Not always, just most of the time.

Echo3072266d ago


Haha, fair enough.

HardCover2266d ago

Well they're obviously targeting the generally accepted stereotypes here.

There are die-hard BF fans that shame the community too. They just happen to be the ones screaming at whoever takes a helicopter without being the best pilot in the world.


SkylineR2266d ago

I agree. I've been playing both series throughout the years from BF2/Special Forces, to COD2/MW2/Black Ops and if you understand the way these games are meant to be played, you'll be good at both.
I love BF3's tactical side of things, the vehicles, squads, etc - something COD doesn't have. But then I love COD's fast-paced matches, killstreaks and lightning reflex shooting. Very different games imo, but you can be smart about how you play each one.

As for the article, it's actually quite funny as it's true in some regards. I'm guilty of trying to knife people quickly in BF3... :p

ljh2172266d ago

Switching back to CoD can be similarly awkward. I usually end up mashing the back button trying to spot the enemy, getting myself killed =(.

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Autodidactdystopia2266d ago

Its easy really Just look for this guy.

or people who sound like this over voice.

Facepalm )/|O|\(

cpayne932266d ago

That guy... he's hilarious but he's retarded. The only mode he's played in bf3 is Team deathmatch for goodness sake TEAM FREAKING DEATHMATCH! BF3 is for team based objective games, not for racking up kills.

Legion2266d ago

That was some funny stuff. Had to watch a few of his other videos to enjoy his deaths.

I like how he stays adamant on his idea that he is playing it his way regardless of if he dies all the time. Just running out in the middle of the fight and screaming at getting plugged with a bullet.

I would hate to see how he plays MGS...! He knows nothing about tactics or even stealth.

He needs to be playing some kind of quick draw game where 2 people are facing each other and then pull and shoot.

He is a riot!!!

Bolts2266d ago

HAHAHAHAHAH!!! "Let me throw a grenade, I don't give a shit..." Classic CoD noob.

RaptorShinRyu2266d ago

I half expected it to be ELPRESADOR. Lol.

DaCandyman2265d ago

I cried laughing at that. Hilarious!!! now that is someone who's brain controller is still stuck in Call of Duty mode. He is looking for 1 hit kills, The grenade toss and a prayer kill, the run n gun, the extra aim assist of COD, jumping out of a window from 3 stories up and surviving - only in COD, and of course the the smack raging when his ass gets handed to him. I bet he is a noob tuber in COD.

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Impaler2266d ago

Excellent post, hilarious article. Winning!

Legion2266d ago (Edited 2266d ago )

Ha... didn't know that different gamers where considered races?

So what race are you, where are you from? I'm am BF3 but I have CoD friends so I can't be a racist. So my use of the "N" word (Noob) when referring to them wasn't racist.

Hmmmm... looks like that line doesn't work with gaming races either. j/k

ChronoJoe2266d ago

First one in the article doesn't even make sense. Call of Duty shotguns have less range than BF ones. So why would a Call of Duty player be even using the shotguns on Battlefield?

princejb1342266d ago

this article is funny, he forgot to mention how you think your rambo going for the objective by yourself, thats what i was doing during the beta lol

xtremeimport2265d ago

the title made me laugh.

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Wizziokid2266d ago

1 way, don't play the objective and go for Kill/Death, oh it's so fun having a team that have no idea what it means to play a team game

duplissi2266d ago

well its fun to play against a team like that

cpayne932266d ago

Reminds me of the assasin mode in Killzone. It tells us who the target is, me and 6 other people walk around a corner, and this nub comes charging at us guns blazing all alone. We laugh and mow him down, one point for us.

f7897902266d ago

And it seems I'm always on that idiotic team. Friendly tanks are sniping instead of pushing points, enemy copters aren't taken down, people sitting outside enemy flags to get kills causing us to eventually lose all points and get spawn camped. I hate them so much.

MRMagoo1232266d ago


You have ppl not trying to take down enemy choppers ??? When i play BF games im usually having to race other ppl to be the first to get the enemy chopper down, it always seems to me everyone wants to do it.

Jonty2266d ago

Gotta be a lot of players who are killing time (and themselves) waiting for MW3, whereupon they're going to trade BF3 in for it.

Cue a lot of moaning about Online Passes when they pick it up pre-owned...

Laxman2266d ago

Yeah it will be good when MW3 comes out so the CoD players get off the servers and things really start to heat up. Might actually manage to get onto the local servers now (in Australia, is almost impossible to find one with an open slot)!

Laika2266d ago

this was pretty funny