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Submitted by dirigiblebill 1561d ago | article

14 ways to spot a Call of Duty player in Battlefield 3

OXM UK: "Other than by looking at the bottom of the leaderboards." (Battlefield 3, Culture, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

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360ICE  +   1561d ago | Funny
That's racist. Next they'll be writing articles on how to spot minorities in urban environments.
dirigiblebill  +   1561d ago
StanLee  +   1560d ago
7. They'll never spot people...

So I guess everyone playing Battlefield 3 on consoles is a Call of Duty player.
egidem  +   1560d ago
StanLee is pretty much correct. The same thing happened in Bad Company 2. Spotting makes all the difference. If you think there's an annoying sniper across the map who won't die, spot them.
Biggest  +   1560d ago
As with every FPS game, you should always play with people you know. Spotting is never an issue in the games I play.
Legion  +   1560d ago
"7. They'll never spot people...

So I guess everyone playing Battlefield 3 on consoles is a Call of Duty player." - StanLee

I guess that makes me the messiah of console gaming then because my middle name is SPOT.

The IRNV scope and me are married at the hip. It was MADE for spotting!
lsujester  +   1560d ago
I see the non-spotting more in the console versions (well, PS3, anyway) than in the PC. I don't know if it's something to do with types of gamers or what, but there does seem to be a difference. IMO, what little that means.
Legion  +   1560d ago

Well switch over to Xbox 360 and jump on my squad. You will be like a kid in a candy shop with all the candy corn icons over the enemies heads.

You might see me at the middle or bottom of the leader boards because I only get 20 points for spotting bonus. But with a good squad then we get the ACE Ribbon racked up. (note the good squad. Some people aren't smart enough to stay together in squads)
AKS  +   1560d ago
There are plenty of players in the PC version who do very little if any spotting. I experienced an unhealthy dose of that today.

I'd also like to add my pet peeve of getting a knife in the back when I KNOW there are people on my team behind me perched in an elevated position. They don't kill the guy sneaking up on me and don't warn me. I guess they just sit there and watch him do it. Go team!
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Bolts  +   1560d ago
Always, always, always. Spot. Spot everything. If I see an enemy, he get spotted. I usually spot guys before even pulling the trigger now.
stevenhiggster  +   1560d ago
Yeah I'm the same Bolts, the first thing I do when I see an enemy is spot him before pulling the trigger. It helps you to aim at them yourself and if by any chance you don't get a kill you'll still get both kill assist points and spot assist points, so its a win win!
Cenobia  +   1560d ago

I do spot people, but I would do it a lot more if I could more easily reach the button.

I play support most of the time, which relies on mounting the gun on something. As soon as you touch the left stick you become unmounted. This happens frequently when holding L1 and reaching over for select.

I wish I could switch the Up D-Pad button to spot, but for some reason Battlefield does not let you configure buttons to your liking.

Also, they never tell you it is possible to spot people as far as I could see. I don't think most people read the digital manual to find out. They probably assume it is some sort of perk or a class feature that makes people appear.
ChrisW  +   1560d ago
Concerning #9 - My sniper rifle reloads super slow, but hey! it puts big holes in walls. And besides, I see nothing wrong with rocket propelled sniper rounds.
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Echo307  +   1561d ago
Funny stuff but it's unfair to lump all CoD players together (like the BF die hards seem to love to do). My crew played a ton of BLOPS when it came out, now we're playing BF3. We talk simple strategy, band together in vehicles when it seems appropriate, and always play objectively.

That said, I've spent way more time playing CoD than the BF games. A CoD gamer doesn't always equal a dumb gamer.

Funny article, though.
Laxman  +   1561d ago
"CoD gamer doesn't always equal a dumb gamer."

Not always, just most of the time.
Echo307  +   1561d ago

Haha, fair enough.
HardCover  +   1560d ago
Well they're obviously targeting the generally accepted stereotypes here.

There are die-hard BF fans that shame the community too. They just happen to be the ones screaming at whoever takes a helicopter without being the best pilot in the world.

SkylineR  +   1560d ago
I agree. I've been playing both series throughout the years from BF2/Special Forces, to COD2/MW2/Black Ops and if you understand the way these games are meant to be played, you'll be good at both.
I love BF3's tactical side of things, the vehicles, squads, etc - something COD doesn't have. But then I love COD's fast-paced matches, killstreaks and lightning reflex shooting. Very different games imo, but you can be smart about how you play each one.

As for the article, it's actually quite funny as it's true in some regards. I'm guilty of trying to knife people quickly in BF3... :p
ljh217  +   1560d ago
Switching back to CoD can be similarly awkward. I usually end up mashing the back button trying to spot the enemy, getting myself killed =(.
Autodidactdystopia  +   1561d ago
Its easy really Just look for this guy.

or people who sound like this over voice.

Facepalm )/|O|\(
cpayne93  +   1561d ago
That guy... he's hilarious but he's retarded. The only mode he's played in bf3 is Team deathmatch for goodness sake TEAM FREAKING DEATHMATCH! BF3 is for team based objective games, not for racking up kills.
Legion  +   1560d ago
That was some funny stuff. Had to watch a few of his other videos to enjoy his deaths.

I like how he stays adamant on his idea that he is playing it his way regardless of if he dies all the time. Just running out in the middle of the fight and screaming at getting plugged with a bullet.

I would hate to see how he plays MGS...! He knows nothing about tactics or even stealth.

He needs to be playing some kind of quick draw game where 2 people are facing each other and then pull and shoot.

He is a riot!!!
Bolts  +   1560d ago
HAHAHAHAHAH!!! "Let me throw a grenade, I don't give a shit..." Classic CoD noob.
RaptorShinRyu  +   1560d ago
I half expected it to be ELPRESADOR. Lol.
DaCandyman  +   1560d ago
I cried laughing at that. Hilarious!!! now that is someone who's brain controller is still stuck in Call of Duty mode. He is looking for 1 hit kills, The grenade toss and a prayer kill, the run n gun, the extra aim assist of COD, jumping out of a window from 3 stories up and surviving - only in COD, and of course the the smack raging when his ass gets handed to him. I bet he is a noob tuber in COD.
Impaler  +   1561d ago
Excellent post, hilarious article. Winning!
Legion  +   1560d ago
Ha... didn't know that different gamers where considered races?

So what race are you, where are you from? I'm am BF3 but I have CoD friends so I can't be a racist. So my use of the "N" word (Noob) when referring to them wasn't racist.

Hmmmm... looks like that line doesn't work with gaming races either. j/k
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ChronoJoe  +   1560d ago
First one in the article doesn't even make sense. Call of Duty shotguns have less range than BF ones. So why would a Call of Duty player be even using the shotguns on Battlefield?
princejb134  +   1560d ago
this article is funny, he forgot to mention how you think your rambo going for the objective by yourself, thats what i was doing during the beta lol
xtremeimport  +   1560d ago
the title made me laugh.
rebirthofcaos  +   1561d ago
Wizziokid  +   1561d ago
1 way, don't play the objective and go for Kill/Death, oh it's so fun having a team that have no idea what it means to play a team game
duplissi  +   1561d ago
well its fun to play against a team like that
cpayne93  +   1561d ago
Reminds me of the assasin mode in Killzone. It tells us who the target is, me and 6 other people walk around a corner, and this nub comes charging at us guns blazing all alone. We laugh and mow him down, one point for us.
f789790  +   1561d ago
And it seems I'm always on that idiotic team. Friendly tanks are sniping instead of pushing points, enemy copters aren't taken down, people sitting outside enemy flags to get kills causing us to eventually lose all points and get spawn camped. I hate them so much.
MRMagoo123  +   1560d ago

You have ppl not trying to take down enemy choppers ??? When i play BF games im usually having to race other ppl to be the first to get the enemy chopper down, it always seems to me everyone wants to do it.
Jonty  +   1561d ago
Gotta be a lot of players who are killing time (and themselves) waiting for MW3, whereupon they're going to trade BF3 in for it.

Cue a lot of moaning about Online Passes when they pick it up pre-owned...
Laxman  +   1561d ago
Yeah it will be good when MW3 comes out so the CoD players get off the servers and things really start to heat up. Might actually manage to get onto the local servers now (in Australia, is almost impossible to find one with an open slot)!
Laika  +   1561d ago
this was pretty funny
Kinetix  +   1561d ago
Lol this is so me. I'm new to battlefield but im getting used to it.
JellyJelly  +   1561d ago
"3. They're trying to navigate Operation Firestorm on foot"

One Rush map is as big as three COD maps. A Conquest map is like ten lol.
DasBunker  +   1561d ago
one gripe i have with bf3 maps compared to those in bc2 is that some have a lot of plain surface without much cover.. and it easier for the enemy to spot you.. unlike in BC2, where you had a lot of trees, hills etc.. to sneak around...
mrsatan  +   1561d ago
It's more realistic that way. If you need to get across wide open ground and you know there is someone waiting to shoot you then get some covering fire going. Once the fire is up, run across, simple. Using realistic military tactics in BF gets you a good score.
DasBunker  +   1561d ago
or i could just grab an ATV to flank th... oh wait..
rezzah  +   1561d ago
that was fun to read.
Killa_Cobra_ST  +   1561d ago
Guess what, this is the first BF I've played (previous CoD player) and I consistently come top of the leaderboard!
Laxman  +   1561d ago
Top of the leaderboard due to high kills, or team work?
HardCover  +   1560d ago
What about your team though? Please tell me they're at least winning.

Because if they're not, then you're not winning either.
Cenobia  +   1560d ago
If he's top of the leader board it doesn't matter. I think it's almost impossible to get to the top if you don't get objectives.

I also frequently hit the top, but one person can't make your team win if the last half is being cut to shreds and not getting captures/etc. If you get stuck on a shit team, prepare for a losing streak until you quit or some of the players are finally replaced by better ones.

I do find that sometimes when I try to provide support in a chopper or fly around for air superiority my team loses all the points. :/
irepbtown  +   1560d ago
Reason i'm top or near the top is because my Squad (my friends basically) each select a different class, noone ever chooses same class, hence we can support eachother and most of the time all of us get the top 4 slots.
Iamgam3r   1561d ago | Spam
Hockeydud19  +   1561d ago
2. They're trying to stab people from the front
Not only have you brought a knife to a gunfight, you've whipped that knife out under the nose of a man wearing a Kevlar T-shirt in the earnest conviction that you can stab his meat off before he pulls the trigger of his pistol. And now you're dead. It was always going to end like this. How deranged would you have to be to design a game where knives beat guns? Oh right. <-----That
KonGreat  +   1561d ago
hahaha pretty damn funny!
I've had it sooo many times when a ammo guy just stares at me while im low on ammo. like they dont know whats going on
A-Glorious-Dawn  +   1561d ago

Drop your ammo guys, if a team mate is shooting your face he usually wants something!

I always run out of ammo when i'm not support.
HardCover  +   1560d ago
And when you finally send a message to them asking them for ammo, they reply with "u mad bro?"
MRMagoo123  +   1560d ago
One of the most childish and stupid comments to ever grace the internet is "umadbro", I can instantly tell just by someone using this comment that they are either younger than 12 or mentally younger than 12. I say we ban it from the world
Biggest  +   1560d ago
Just left a match with a team FULL of support guys. Not one support pack. They were all trying to C4 anything that moved. Extra crispy annoying.
ian72  +   1560d ago
I had something like that happen last night, ran out of ammo and chasing a guy spamming select for him to realise i need more ammo.
TKCMuzzer  +   1561d ago
It's funny but so true. "They're trying to use a shotgun like a rifle" lol, COD all over.
04soldier  +   1561d ago
Theres sum truth in it.. The battlefield player in me knows how to use one like a rifle. Just switch out the buckshot ammo for slug ammo and ure off to taking out assualt guys from a distance...

snipers...not so much.
Sc0pe92  +   1561d ago
WHO THE HELL CARES! Just enjoy the game how you want to enjoy the game. Is there something in the rule book that tells you how your supposed to enjoy the game? wtf no?
cpayne93  +   1561d ago
Calm down it's just a joke article. But really, if you want to run and gun with no teamwork at least stay out of objective based modes.
MidnytRain  +   1561d ago
I thought I should let you know that a lot of users on this website have no sense of humor.
Sc0pe92  +   1560d ago
17 Disagrees :DD HAHA! I love N4G
trekka13  +   1561d ago
the vehical play in this game is majorly flawed. i dont understand the draw or them in this game. its spotty at best
04soldier  +   1561d ago
wtf are u talking about??? This game is balanced 10 times over when it comes to vehicles..

Just try moving a tank/jet/chopper behind enemy lines and you'll be greeted by a bevy of rpgs and be sure to looking at a respawn screen with no new tank/jet choppers spawning for a least a min.

BF3 balance trumps BC2 balance in every way.
Biggest  +   1560d ago
What's the point of your video? It's just a mash up of gameplay clips.
04soldier  +   1560d ago
we just got trolled...
irepbtown  +   1560d ago
There are problems with the multiplayer, like it lags etc.
But it's worth every penny. Playing with your friends, team work, owning the other team, you actually feel good.

You could however get COD and grab a bolt action sniper then Run'n'Gun. Which you need no skill to progress.

But hey, everyones different.
f789790  +   1561d ago
If your team is competent you can take out any vehicle quickly.

My only complaint is the idiotic LAV. When it's sitting in the middle of nowhere, the only thing that can kill it is a tank that hunts it down. Rarely happens so anything in the air gets shot down pretty quick.
grahf  +   1561d ago
You won't see a CoD player playing BF3, because they're too busy playing MW2 and BO.
#16 (Edited 1561d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(8) | Report | Reply
Elyxir-pSx  +   1561d ago
You should know that showing facts on N4G will get you disagrees. lol
grahf  +   1561d ago
Wait, a disagree w/o anything to back it up? Yeah, I'm used to it!
MRMagoo123  +   1560d ago
Thats the thing the bad bf3 players are just that bad players no matter what game they are on, it just seems to me ppl that play bf think they are some kind of step up the chain of gaming elites compared to cod players which is pretty funny really. I play bf and i play cod and i def play them differently, i play a sniper most times on bf and i play with assault rifles in cod.
rustyspoon80  +   1561d ago
I play COD quite a lot. But I'd say I'm more of a FPS player than a COD player (Team Fortress 2 is probably my Fav). But you can really tell people who have only played COD.
I've so far (8hours) only played rush (loving it) and some games you cant defend the Mcoms as everyone is running up the the attackers base. You just cant kill everyone.
People need to learn you can actually get to the top of the scoreboard without even killing anyone.
Loving BF3, but will be buying MW3 also....& Skyrim
HeavenlySnipes  +   1561d ago
One of them should be

"They aren't camping in bushes and instead running about"
lukasbolander  +   1561d ago
So, 14 ways to spot an FPS player in an FPS?
KonGreat  +   1561d ago
Hah, nice pic! ;p
Brownghost  +   1561d ago
the thumbs up were for the pics
_Aarix_  +   1556d ago
venom06  +   1561d ago
another one should be, "they're person complaining/whining in your headset about the maps being too big and they can't find anyone to kill... whenever one else has kills in double digits"...
duplissi  +   1561d ago

i love how everyone assumes your average call of duty player is relatively dumb....
Laxman  +   1561d ago
Its because he/she is.

Please note you said the word average. I know some are not, and you may be one of them, but the average player is.
#20.1.1 (Edited 1561d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(2) | Report
Hicken  +   1561d ago
If we're talking average, then yes.
MRMagoo123  +   1560d ago

Ide like some research of some kind to back up your statement of the "average" cod player having lower intelligence pls, and make sure the people you reference that did the research such as surveys is accredited in doing so.
J3j3m0n  +   1561d ago
good read.
but me and my friends who play cod a lot.and this is our first battlefield.
we can still manage to come up in our team and win a lot.maybe in 10 matches we won 8-7match.
Btw in rush mode.:)
BuLLDoG909  +   1561d ago
hes right about alot of that stuff, ffs drop ammo and health for your team m8's, you can easly make a couple thousand points in a conquest match with supplying ammo/health and reviving/repairing.

and wait for your team m8's when u get into a vehicle first..
Emilio_Estevez  +   1561d ago
Spot on. Except it seems that I am always the only one spotting people. It is so damn useful, especially when your far away and not using a gun equipped for the distance.
#23 (Edited 1561d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
TopDudeMan  +   1561d ago
I'm a call of duty player and the only one you'd catch me doing is 7. Nah, I'm a good enough shot to take down targets myself. Who needs team mates to do it for you?

I see someone, and I shoot them. If I fail to shoot them or get killed I might tell someone else where he is.
Cosmo811  +   1561d ago
There are many who claim that MW3 is 'just a rehash'. It's 'the same as the last one!".

So here are the best new features:

- Three strike packages make for much better, much fairer and varied team play.
- Two awesome new match types
- Epic storyline
- Awesome standalone Co-Op missions
- Zombies-on-steroids Survival mode looks to be addictive as hell
- Fairer, more balanced matches (Noob-tubes nerfed etc.)
- Improved graphics that, unlike BF3, run at a constant 60FPS.
- New Killstreak and Pointstreak system, specific to Strike Packages, making it a fairer game.
- Proficiency system for weapons
- Prestige shop
- Much better control of hackers (they can remove highscores, ban users etc.)
- Revamped Private Matches where you can customise every detail of the setup, perfect for clan matches and competitions.
- Call of Duty: Elite is a great addition to the game and will surely help many players improve their skills and learn more about the game.

So, when we list the new features, we can see that the game actually does have a rather impressive amount of new features.

However, to those who complain about 'its the same as the others' and then point to BF3 and say how much better it is, I ask: what is there in BF3, besides improved graphics, that is not in Bad Company 2?

From what I can gather, the only new features are Prone, Jets and new guns. They honestly haven't added anything new to the game, they've just redesigned and slightly refined what was already there.

What I see a lot of people doing with CoD is saying "Hey, they haven't built a new engine from scratch and it's still an FPS! It's the same as the last one!" and it just doesn't make sense.

I also think it's worth noting that BF3 launches with 9 maps and CoD is going to launch with 16.

I'd genuinely love someone to point out to me the other MAJOR (read: major, such as prestige shop) features that Battlefield 3 has added since Bad Company 2, because I can't find many.

Battlefield 3 is much slower and much larger experience, while MW3 is a much tighter, streamlined and explosive experience. While that's totally down to opinion (and I thoroughly respect anyone who chooses BF3 based on this) I'm sick of hearing them attempt to justify their purchase with the excuse that BF3 somehow adds something to the FPS genre that MW3 does not.
#25 (Edited 1561d ago ) | Agree(11) | Disagree(18) | Report | Reply
damnyouretall  +   1561d ago
you have your points i guess. but why give a shit really? i cant say which is better, i just prefer bf3. i honestly havent had this much fun in mp since rb6vegas. sounds like youll have more fun in mw3 so have at it
Cosmo811  +   1561d ago
And that's totally cool, I respect that. I guess I'm just fed up of many of the BF3 fanboys lashing out at CoD for a perceived lack of innovation when, if you just open your eyes, you can clearly see that they've done a great job of it.
UKRush  +   1560d ago
Only, no, we can't see that they've done a great job of it, it's not out yet. From what I've SEEN, it looks near identical, with changeable scopes added. YOU may have seen a lot more, and the shher dedication with which you shamelessly plug a "rival" game on the comments of a jokey article seems to suggest why you may have such deep insight...
PotatoClock  +   1561d ago
"From what I can gather, the only new features are Prone, Jets and new guns. They honestly haven't added anything new to the game, they've just redesigned and slightly refined what was already there."

I don't care about opinions on what people perfer between the two, but you should actually play BF3 before commenting like that.

Your've researched MW3 to the absolute point but your've not bothered to actually play a game that has been released and you sound like your just going by what you can read instead of actually experiencing it.

What would you do if a friend had never played COD and asked what its like, would you tell them to read about it or actually play it?

BF3 is a massive change from BF2. Not just with graphics and Jets but the core team based gameplay has been refined so well. But thats not to say that its an innovation on the FPS genre, just the best BF experience yet.
Same as what MW3 will be compared to MW2.

I'd say while your waiting for MW3, rent out and play BF3 so you know what both sides have to offer.
#25.2 (Edited 1561d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
Cosmo811  +   1561d ago
So you agree with my point, that it is not what many fanboys claim it to be, ie. an example of innovation that MW3 does not follow. You agree with me that it's a refinement and tightening-up on an already great game, but that it honestly doesn't revolutionise the genre or be an example of innovation that spits in the face of MW3's 'stagnancy'.

Also, I own the game on PC and have played a good few hours on it. I know what I'm talking about.
#25.2.1 (Edited 1561d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report
irepbtown  +   1560d ago
Problem with COD, it has disappointed me every year (except COD4). I dont know if I should risk it with MW3, yeah there are new features which will improve the game, but it's still COD.

I probably will end up getting it some way or the other, but right now i'm sticking to BF.
Daoshai  +   1560d ago
No Infinity Ward game has disappointed me. Tryarch...... that's a different story.
gagaproject   1561d ago | Spam
Elyxir-pSx  +   1561d ago
I agree with Cosmo. I didn't buy BF3 even though I know It may be a great game, I just prefer COD games. I know I'll still buy and play BF3 at some point because I had a lot of fun with BC2.
damnyouretall  +   1560d ago

yeah it does look solid though. i dont have the money, but if i did id dig into the campaigne. i cant deal with the play style of the mp
damnyouretall  +   1561d ago
so far i think ive spotted the cod players. it can help and hurt your stats at the same time. theyre always fkn running, whether its in front of you or behind you
#26 (Edited 1561d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Relientk77  +   1561d ago
1. They're trying to use a shotgun like a rifle

haha, this is true, and so are many from that list actually
Cosmit  +   1561d ago
How is that true? I use the shotgun with Slug Rounds and its a beast at close to medium range. I can take out most people before they take me out even if they have an assault rifle.

My K/D is like 2.80 with a W/L ration of 2.80 as well in Battlefield with like 620 points a minute. I'm not bragging by the way. I played the hell out of CoD Black Ops, CoD4, and MW2. I love CoD. Its what has gotten me into shooters. Played a hell of a lot more COD than Battlefield. And I'm still better than most dedicated BF Fanboys lol.

More than half of the players in a game are never doing their part. It's sad. You can't tell me that 3/4 of battlefield players are all CoD noobs right? Can't be.
#27.1 (Edited 1561d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
Daoshai  +   1560d ago
It's a joke article, there's idiots in both games.
WorldGamer  +   1561d ago
This article is great. 1st time BF player with BF3 and I find myself doing some of these things. They are really different games, BF seems more rewarding in teamwork and overall strategy. Def a steep learning curve.

It's a wonder the BF series has passed under my radar all this time. Very cool game.
IAmNotAMonster  +   1561d ago
I know the "They're completely different games" argument is about one swift kick away from being beaten to death - but it's valid, especially in this instance. The reason you think you can "spot" Call of Duty players in Battlefield is the same reason you can spot Battlefield players in COD. People adapt to the style that a game requires; meaning sprinting full speed towards enemy flanks is a legitimate tactic in COD, while it could be an exercise in futility for Battlefield. The same could be said for the guy lying down at their spawn trying to cover the center capture point in COD, it's a Battlefield staple and doesn't necessarily apply to the pace Call of Duty.

It's the same reason new players suck for the first day or two, in either title. They haven't yet adapted.
Brownghost  +   1561d ago
i laughed hard for the team death match one lol, also i absolutely HATE it when that person never gives you any thing to help
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