GTA V: Over 40 vehicles confirmed in the trailer, see them here

Although the GTA V trailer isn't giving much away in terms of plot, there are clear indications of what vehicles you're going to be able to bang around in upon your return to Los Santos. We've combed through the footage to pick out a bloody load of them for your viewing pleasure.

Is it wrong that we're most excited about the possibility of bicycles making a return? Probably. Well, let's take a look at what's in store...

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Hydrolex2366d ago

"Above: Convertibles also come in blue flavour"

Oh really ????

Man I will be a lil disappointed if there won't be customization for those beautiful cars

ATi_Elite2365d ago

i wonder will GTAV allow you to ride Hookers instead of Hookers riding you? lol

I'm sure that surf board is ridable and I'm hoping for some skateboard Street action......wouldn't be California without Skateboards or Rollerblades.

kramun2366d ago (Edited 2366d ago )

Lol, how many games get so many articles based on one trailer?


True. That was some trailer though. But this one is all because of the series, it's all gameplay footage. The game just manages to generate a lot of attention.

That's the GTA pull, people love GTA.

Hydrolex2366d ago

GTA was a Sandbox revolution

when GTA 3 came out, EVERYONE was talking about that game

Rockstar games are top notch, so they deserve hits like that

bumnut2366d ago

Can't believe you got 3 disagrees for making a valid comment.

360ICE2366d ago

Yeah, but dead island has zombies

360ICE2365d ago

@my own comment
OMG who disagrees with that? Are you meaning to say that Dead Island does NOT have zombies?

KonGreat2365d ago

Hahahahahahah I think someone is screwing with you man! :P

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Pintheshadows2366d ago

I like the way that the speculation has only increased after the trailer. R* please tell us more so things get a little less crazy.

thehitman2366d ago

It wasnt a teaser it was a trailer. Teaser are generally non-ingame videos that are only meant to grab you in. Everything shown was in-game and apart of GTA5.

Plagasx2366d ago

Surf Boarding???????

That alone makes me EXTREMELY wet.