Videogamer Review Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock

Videogamer writes:

"You know, I keep wondering, what would I have done if I was in Neversoft's shoes?. You've just been handed the reigns of one of the best selling multi-platform franchises of the last few years, and you know that in order to succeed, the game needs a spark of new life, a new hook. Perhaps go nuts with the number of songs, or I dunno, maybe introduce a couple new instruments?

Well it seems the Tony Hawk boys' solution was to do what they do best - bring in some of the biggest faces in business. But this isn't a simple 'slap a famous face on the cover' affair - the 'guitar legends' featured in the game (all three of them) have each written a fresh guitar solo for the game. More on that later. There are plenty of other new features, but what I'm sure everyone really wants to know about in any guitar hero game is the songs."


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