Uncharted 3 Is The Next Summer Blockbuster You’ve Been Waiting For | GameBlurb

GameBlurb writes, "Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception has been one of Sony’s biggest games this year. Does Drake have what it takes to score another perfect game or will our eyes deceive us?"

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2266d ago
Pintheshadows2266d ago

I've finally found a multiplayer I like. U3 is a complete package. But no bonus store ND? I loved grenade spamming my way through the campaign in 2. I also like how 3 is tougher. The settlement was a challenge.

jaidek2266d ago

That's the thing I don't like about metacritic is they pick and choose reviews and they are generally from mainstream sites.
I kinda wish that N4G had a better organization of the meta scores where I could see a list of all titles and not have to hunt for a specific one.

Papertiger2266d ago

Perfect to near-perfect scores have been coming in by the bucketload, its quite well deserved for naughty dog. They did an AMAZING job.

MicrocutsX22266d ago

I freaking love this game! I wish it never ended lol.