Square Enix's Jump Festa 2008 website opens

Square Enix have launched their Jump Festa 2008 website today. They still didn't listed any of the products/trailers they are going to feature, but word on the Japanese message boards is that the new Fabula Nova Crystallis trailers that were featured at TGS 2007, are going to be available for the wide public during this event.

Jump Festa 2008 runs for two days, December 22 and 23, and will be free of charge. The official website of the event will open on December 3rd.

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Devr3835d ago

Fabula Nova Crystallis = The FFXIII franchise. Meaning, FFXIII, FF Versus XIII and FF Agito XIII(Only for japanese cellphones).

Zhuk3835d ago

They're going to announce FFXIII for Xbox 360 hopefully

mighty_douche3835d ago

will you ever quit....

FF developers said, using full capablities of the PS3, developers have said time and time again, its exclusive....

oh well, guess you guys need something to hope for in 2008.

YoMeViet3835d ago

my my we humans gotta hope for the best now, but at least try to hope for something plausible.

vloeistof3835d ago

yes yes trailers finely thank the lord .

o and zhunk no ff xiii and versus are ps3 only se said that lots of times.

and do you really think sony would let those titels go to 360