Does Mario Need to Grow Up?

Mario is and will continue to remain the gaming world's most memorable characters. Gaming cannot be spoken of without Mario and neither can Nintendo. 100 games and counting, each game or sub Mario game just makes the entire experience a whole lot of fun, in a world that seems to take itself too seriously.

The gameplay experience remains spot on for any Mario game till date, which shall probably go undisputed till date. Beyond his name, Mario's character seriously remains one of the most under-developed avatar's in gaming history.

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gamesblow3920d ago

Mario needs to die already...

lynx1halo3920d ago

I mean i used to play mario games when i was younger....but how can they expect to ever live up to a next-gen standard with the same old mario formula???

Ares843920d ago

Mario needs to die....and Crash Bandicoot needs to reborn!!! (Give it back to ND!!! Do you hear me Sierra?? :D )

Rayko3920d ago

I think the whole gaming industry needs to grow up.Its way too many wargames and FPSs out there.Its not mature or cool to go around and shoot soldiers or throw grenades all the time, that is lame and so boring now.Mario is the one that give the game industry a fresh wind in our gaming consoles, we sure need more FUNNY games like that and less of that shooting soldiers and throwing grenade games.Mario has to stay the way he is.I dont want mario in a FPS throwing grenades at bowser and hear him say get down *******.

greenenvy3920d ago

seriously, nintendo fanboys just get over yourselves for once.....

mario has been done to death, and the kids are tired of his corny looks for once I have to tell you.......

and my god, with the PSP actually catching nintendo now and effectively cutting away their marketshare........

this proves once & for all where handhelds are headed.........

they ain't just for the joes anymore........soon, PSP will be the main handheld for every person on wallstreet and the peeps listening to music & enjoying a day off for movies..........

DS needs to grow up and grow mario the hell up if it wants to have any chance of stopping the PSP.........I seriously gotta say, once the PSP heavy hitters drop that everybody will start getting one.....

DS.....will be left eating dust....

nintendo are still a bunch of kids for christ sake....

its time they at least grow mario up, to resemble a teenager or someone more like jak & daxter so everybody doesn't think hes so annoying....

you can only hear "ITS AAAAAAAA ME MAAAAAAAARIO HELLLOO" one so many times, before u hit the damn mute button............

ShadoWulf3920d ago

Aren't you kind of jumping the gun on the PSP thing? I mean, it's a bit late in the handheld generation to take over every man, woman and child. If anything, next generation. But it's still not likely.

Sony fanboys sound like communists sometimes. "Glory to Sony! It will glimmer brightly for years to come!" (that was someone else, actually, but it's implied) "Every person on wall street will have a PSP!"

TheMART3920d ago

Mario needs to grow up, pull the chicks skirts up and screw the princess!


gta_cb3920d ago

lol nice comment Mart

LeonSKennedy4Life3920d ago

Compared to themart, Mario's a six-foot-tall man.

You know, as much as I want the industry to move forward, I don't want them to ruin Mario. They should just let him die in peace.

However, some people only want sex in their games...ala...themart.

I'm a little ashamed to be a gamer when you guys become perverts here on the forums...

Rayko3920d ago

PSP is a crap machine that nobody wants.

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The story is too old to be commented.