Huge sales for new PSP hit 1m in Japan

Sony's slimmer and cheaper PlayStation Portable (PSP) has racked up sales of 1 million units in its first two months on sale in Japan. The second-generation PSP went on sale in Japan on September 20 and hit the million mark on November 22 - that's two weeks faster than the original PSP took to sell a million units, Sony said.

In the run-up to the year-end shopping season Sony plans to put on sale two new bundles, the 'Deep Red Value Pack' and 'Deep Red 1 Seg Pack'. The latter includes the digital TV tuner and both will be available in limited numbers. Sony has been successful in the past in boosting sales of its PlayStation hardware with the introduction of limited availability models in different colours.

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season0073887d ago

only a remake and it sells better than lanuch word to describe...


The Karate Kid3887d ago

Just wait until spring 2009 when we unleash the new slimmer redesigned PS3 system which will include Full-Backwards compatibility with PS2 Games =)

mighty_douche3887d ago

if you know what your doing the PSP offers soooo much more than gaming on the move (although its mighty good at that to).

gamesblow3887d ago

PSP is hands down the best handheld ever made. I can't believe so many people are still into gaming with a toy when you can game with a multimedia set top piece like the PSP. IT boggles my damn mind. Worse yet, emulators can be run off the PSP that rival the DS altogether. Morons. I say... PSP at 160 bucks is probably the best console/system you can buy... Forget the wii, the 360 and the ps3... if you don't have a PSP, you're pretty much missing out.

Marceles3887d ago

He speaks the truth folks...

PSP + 4 gb memory card = Best handheld gaming system of all time & gaming heaven.

PSP games, music, movies, emulators of all systems up to PS1, internet browser, remote play and remote start with your PS3...the system is a beast

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The story is too old to be commented.