Only 18.6% of Players Have Completed CoD: Black Ops Single-Player Campaign

If history repeats itself, then less than 1 in 5 Call of Duty gamers will finish Modern Warfare 3's single-player campaign.

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Bleucrunch2306d ago (Edited 2306d ago )

Its not surprising....most do not buy the game for its story line....its the multiplayer that gets them all crazy....their really is not much thought process to just picking up and signing online and shooting other enemy players....that is why millions like this game so much...not too bright of a bunch if you ask me.

-Alpha2306d ago

On top of all that the game had an option to load the game straight into the MP when you boot the disc lol.


I'm not suprised. Cod is all about the online, Can't wait for MW3.

kneon2306d ago

I'm surprised, the single player is only about 5 minutes long :)

Ok it's a little longer than that, but even if you are only about an average player it should only take about 6 hours to finish at most.

Deputydon2306d ago

18.6% of a game that has sold over 20 million copies. That's still atleast 3.7 million people that have completed the game.

Spenok2306d ago

And im one of em. It's sad really. Imho it had the best story line for any CoD.

It's funny tho people were harking on BF stating it was either a terrible game or just terrible story. Yet if you look at other shooters, I'm sure you will find a similar story all around.

ironfist922305d ago

I'm probably the only one who would buy this just for its SP.

But I'm not gonna buy it, just rent, same with Battlefield 3.

Bleucrunch2305d ago

You are one of the few that make sense here on N4G....why one would buy a game that is yearly released is beyond me...but I guess me and you have a better thought process than most.

ironfist922304d ago

I never could get into MP games, Sure I dont mind a few co-op missions, horde modes, and Co-Op Campaigns like Borderlands, but other than that, I dont see what the point of competitive multiplayer is. You shoot, you kill, you die, you respawn. Along the way you gain experience for guns and vehicels and such, but whats the point?

At least with SP you get a story and characters and some pretty epic set pieces, even with FPS campaigns which is often considered nothing more than a training ground for MP.

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Hockeydud192306d ago

Kinda figured someone would write about this considering the BF3 article we just saw a few days ago.

SP3333D-O2306d ago

Wow, and such a big deal has been made about BF3's SP.

pedo_across-the-road2306d ago

Veteran difficulty all the way.

xtremexx2306d ago

wow, i felt like if i didnt play the campaign then i has waisted some of my money.

torchic2306d ago (Edited 2306d ago )

i think many people play the campaign, but they just don't finish it. i'd feel super guilty if i jumped straight into the MP after just buying the game.

dirthurts2306d ago

I played the SP for this reason, didn't want to waste my money.
But it was pretty underwhelming for the most part...

RaptorGTA2306d ago

The gameply was meh but I thought the story was good. Voice acting as always was awesome.

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The story is too old to be commented.