GTA 5 Vs GTA: San Andreas Screen Comparison

NowGamer attempts to recreate scenes from the GTA V trailer in GTA: San Andreas, just to show how far the graphics have come.

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skyward2270d ago

How quickly things change! Can't wait for V-Day!

StraightPath2270d ago

That is impressive how far graphics have reached at present times. GTA V can not wait!

Feckles2270d ago

Wow. Remember it looking much better than than but in reality, San Andreas looks like its made of cardboard.

Dovahkiin2270d ago

It was pretty good for such a huge game at the time, that's the crazy thing.

-Alpha2270d ago

I still think San Andreas feels great even today to look at. The art style was awesome.

GTA V looks too similar to GTA IV in term of looks, everybody looks like Sim characters.

I miss how GTA games used to each have their own unique vibe, I didn't get that from the GTAV trailer

omi25p2270d ago

The original GTA's had there own vibe because there werent any decent crime orientated freeromer games other than GTA last gen.

Which is why GTA looked so unique. Now however there are so many games that are trying to beat GTA that they all look similar.

But going by Red Dead Redemption and that it felt like i was part of the wild west makes me have high hopes for GTA V.

Especially seeings as i have loved pretty much everygame rockstar has ever made.

TimmyShire2270d ago

Ha ha! That's hilarious! It's amazing to see just how much the game has changed since then - some of those shots really highlight just how far the industry has come in only a handful of years.

SockeyBoy2270d ago

wow love the first 2 rollovers! Thats very awesome.

skyward2270d ago

Last few under the bridge are almost exactly lined up.

swishersweets200312270d ago

holy crap.. thats a big improvement there now doncha know.

If part V is San Andreas..
I couldnt imagine what a part 6 Vice city will be..(droolz)

Im trying my best not to buy into the hype.. and just going to assume right now the game is going to suck just like four so when it does come out and proves me wronge i can feel all shiney inside again for my fav franchise.

Part four really turned me off from gta. I had to go into my ps2 gta's just to get that true gta fix.

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