2011 VGAs To Reveal Information On New Alan Wake

An interesting new press release just hit our inbox from Spike TV, the presenters of the annual Video Game Awards. The purpose of the email is to announce that the VGAs have signed on Mark Burnett as the Executive Producer of this year's show. More noteworthy, however, is the mention that the awards show will include information regarding a new Alan Wake, Metal Gear Solid: Rising, and BioWare's next title.

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STICKzophrenic2423d ago

Alan Wake is a tremendous game. I can't wait for info on the next one.

Donski2423d ago

Absolutely agreed. One of my top three favorite Xbox exclusives.

DigitalRaptor2423d ago (Edited 2423d ago )

Another Alan Wake would be a great thing for Xbox 360 owners. I hope Remedy bring it to PC gamers since they were denied the first. The first one was great, if not a little different from what we were expecting.

BX812423d ago

Hells yeah!!!!!!!!!!

typikal822423d ago

I love me some Alan Wake.

Can't wait for the info to come tickling in

gotgame19852423d ago

hopefully this time it will be truly open world, and more types of enemies. this was in my opinion one of the best games this gen but the lack of true open world and lack of eniemes is what brought it down a notch for me. but if i add to rated it easy 9/10.

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