“Big TV and Online” Marketing Push Set for DCUO as PC User Numbers Rocket

After launching as Sony Online Entertainment’s “fastest selling game ever“, DC Universe Online seemed to quickly fall out of the limelight, with the supposedly $50 million game never truly becoming the huge MMO many hoped. In response to the flagging sales, SOE relaunched the game as an entirely free-to-play MMO two days ago, and it seems to have paid off. - PSLS

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Sev2230d ago

I guess people prefer FREE.

decimalator2229d ago

I'm starting a campaign, petitioning SOE to let me pay full price for DCUO. I hate free games.

Kurisu2229d ago (Edited 2229d ago )

There is still an option to pay for monthly, 90 or 180 days.


Unless you are talking about a one-off payment :)

ATi_Elite2229d ago

Only a few of the Top tier MMO's are subscription and that's because they offer you AAA+ quality. They are worth every dollar you spend monthly cause your gonna be playing them 24/7 and have little time for other games.

DCUO was not on that level and SOE finally figured it out. They just do not have enough content and the proper formula to maintain a subscription service.

Now with the F2P format they can pull in gamers who wanna try but not waste money and if they like what DCUO has to offer they will spend some $$$$$.

buddymagoo2229d ago (Edited 2229d ago )

Mark Hamil Joker was worth the entry alone for me. As he says in the Vault "Welcome, welcome! One and all!"

DC universe open world, what was not to love. But I'm a huge fan of DC and it was great having Batman as a mentor and fighting in large groups.

papashango2229d ago

Thats all it took really?

I've got a bridge I wanna sell you real cheap

BlackTar1872229d ago

i loved DCUO. Played it for days got 91 skill points i believe . I also played all the others. they "DCUO "lack content but the game was solid and the skill points made it deep and alot more involved then a bunch of other games some of whihc are P2P.

Anyways im just waiting for 1 more expansion pack to come out. Seemed also with the server merge all the other Servers were annoying jerks but that is another topic lol.

decimalator2229d ago

I'm interested to see what kind of profit SOE can make off of a F2P MMO. It's great that users are skyrocketing, but if none of those users are buying anything, that's not sustainable for SOE.

SLLCKGT2229d ago

Almost 14 gigs to download. I'm 49 mins in and I've only downloaded 6%, and I have AT&T U-Verse. This thing is damn slow

Kalowest2229d ago

LOL i feel you, I let mines finish downloading over night; total time over 10hrs

Si-Fly2229d ago

It's a joke, took me 1 hour to download on the pc and 4 on the ps3!?

Snakefist302229d ago

I hav to buy the game cause my internet is slow!!!

caboose322229d ago

I use to have U-Verse and it was awful.

It would probably take me only a little more then an hour to download it with my provider now.

sashimi2229d ago

gonna finish mine under 3hrs -_- sucks for those who have slow connection.

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Mr PS32229d ago

It's takin ages to download
Gonna leave it on all night
Cant wait

What's better than Free !!!!

telekineticmantis2229d ago

That would definitely make it more appealing.

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