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G4mers: "The original GoldenEye was released many years ago on the Nintendo 64 console Most of you may not even remember those times. It debuted in a refreshed version of GoldenEye 007 Reloaded, which hit the current generation of consoles. Like the prototype, and the Reloaded version provides the same joy of the game."

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SignifiedSix2267d ago

Hopefully its just as good! :D

memots2266d ago

It wont be as good. Back then this was ground breaking with 4 players split screen on a console and the N64 controller was pretty cool to play this.

I hooked up my n64 for some old Zelda action not to login ago and we loaded GoldenEye and i must say the mechanic and gameplay did not age well. I hope they tweaked the game a little ( modernized it a little )