Dead Island Delayed Again for OnLive, But Not Canceled

OnLive Informer has recently been in contact with a representative from Deep Silver who has confirmed that Dead Island has been delayed again. The representative said, “The OnLive version is not being canceled, but no release date can yet be confirmed.”

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killcycle2358d ago (Edited 2358d ago )

Sooner the better, this game is really good, I'm getting horrible net issues on Ps3. Really pissing me off considering my net's stable and still no patch.

L6RD7BLU32358d ago

I'm surprised onlive got this far, congrats I guess.

Cosmit2358d ago

I actually gave this a try yesterday. Has a very nice interface. I got into a game...that's when it went downhill.

Played Metro 2033. Something my computer can PROBABLY on Low-Medium settings. Wow was it unplayable. It was during day time so that must have been the most active users. It was so laggy. Didn't look too good to be honest. But that's understandable. Impossible to aim with the constant lag spikes and stuff.

Then I tried Saints Row 2. Couldn't play that smooth either! Laggy as hell and HORRIBLE HORRIBLE textures. Blurry. I was excited to try it out. Especially with the "First Purchase Is Only $1." Turned out disappointed. Maybe I'll give it another go later on the road.

But I guess like always, everyones experience will vary.

killcycle2358d ago (Edited 2358d ago )

I never get spiked on Onlive games, I don't understand how it works so well but it does.

Must be your internet connection or something, are you playing wireless?

I'm not playing via PC, I use the Micro console and got it plugged in directly.

Like you said, everyones experience will vary but if you want the best then make sure your set up is correct and wired, then test at & to make sure it's all good.

Also, if your subject to internet traffic then you could be screwed at times.

But hope this information might help you or anybody that reads it.

Cosmit2357d ago

Well I have an average of 20mbps and around 5upload speed. My connection is pretty fast. And no I have my PC hooked up with an ethernet cable.

Yeah but it seems like a service where it will vary vastly from one to another. How is the gameplay when everything is smooth? Is it good in any way? And can you only play with other people who have onlive?

Dorfdad2357d ago

Same here I have it on PS3 and I badly want it on OnLive! Hurry up!