New Video Showing Part Of Call Of Duty Campaign

A new video has been uploaded to YouTube which shows some more of the Call Of Duty Campaign.

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Criminal2453d ago

Campaign looks decent, but I'm more worried about the MP, that looks a lot like MW2 in terms of assets used.

xtremexx2452d ago

yea i see where you are coming from

Johandevries2452d ago

That's one of the strangest expressions in our language

On-topic: Probably gonna play through the campaign just out of curiosity if anything will actually be innovative, but I have not been interested in CoD MP since Modern Warfare

Shackdaddy8362452d ago

Ya. The multiplayer looks fine but I'm just really really bugged about the support killstreaks.

Just the fact that you can get a stealth bomber, a remote turret, an EMP, a juggernaut suit, and an escort airdrop even if you die tons of times pisses me off a little bit. Hoping it's not as bad as I'm thinking it is because right now I just think it's way too OPd and noob friendly...

SockeyBoy2452d ago

How rad is it when the farther has the video camera!? I liked the look of that!

aviator1892452d ago (Edited 2452d ago )

Damn, that was intense. The girl died. :(

Here's another scene from the game if anyone's interested.

SockeyBoy2452d ago

I know right. I was like WTF, and what the hell is the green shi...ohh god!

rickybadman2452d ago

I'm sorry but for some reason this cracked me up. lolololol

JohnApocalypse2452d ago

I wonder if that's going to be the iconic scene for this Modern Warfare

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