Preliminary Japanese Sales for the Week Ending November 25th, 2007

Video Game Chartz reports:

"When compiling weekly data for Japan, ioi uses a bevy of sources. By Sunday Night (East Coast USA time), both first day data and preliminary weekly data is available for analysis. Taking both into account, here is an early take on how some of the figures will look this week. These figures are not to be taken as gospel, just an early take on approximately where the market will be for the week.

This week saw a huge amount of software sales, and seems to mark the seasonal upturn in videogame sales as December approaches. However, the release of Dragon Quest IV for the Nintendo DS – at any time of year – would have caused an enormous increase in software sales all by itself. What makes this week huge is the fact that seven titles sold over 50,000 units this week. As expected, Dragon Quest IV was indeed the top selling title of the week, although it looks as though both the PS3 and PS2 versions of Winning Eleven 2008 debuted to strong sales as well".

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MK_Red3920d ago

Hopefully PS3 and it's games have sold more during this week because next week is the WiiFit madness. (And even better, hope people see how awefull WiiFit is and it bombs)

killer_trap3920d ago

you don't see nintendo fans wishing the ps3 eyetoy to fail do you!!!!
i know it's just a dump gimmick. but i also know that some people will buy it and enjoy it more than you and i enjoyed uncharted. and to many of you they are not considered gamers but to me, they are my brothers and sisters.

i really hope ps3 contiunes selling the way it is. i'd be impressed of sony reaches their 15 million sold by march. but if anyone can do it sony can.

MK_Red3920d ago

Eyetoy is functional and could be fun in a gimmicky way or something but WiiFit is NOT even that. You haven't tried it but if you had, you'd agree with me. WiiFit makes Eyetoy look like PS4 and Xbox 720 combined in value and functionality.

killer_trap3920d ago

no i didn't try it. i'm not even a big fan of motion control to begin with. call me old fashioned or lazy or even a couch bum. but when i get from work the last thing i need is play a game that involves a lot of physical workouts. but things like wiifit should be fun on the weekend with family and friends. so hoping for it to fail is to much.

and please keep up the good work MK your the bets contributor in my opinion.

MK_Red3920d ago

Thanks for your comment and kind words :)
As for WiiFit, it wasn't fun in the smallest sense of the word. In terms of family fun, Wii Sports, Rayman Rabbids and others are great and fun (Even though I only like Rabbids) but WiiFit is entirely broken and unfun or at least the demo versions were, even my co-workers that were looking forward to WiiFit were really disappointed after they tried it and worse, the big Nintendo fanboy group of also disliked WiiFit and had not so positive comments about it(In their E3 videos)!

killer_trap3920d ago

ok then, I'll take your word for it. cause i think I'll be too embarrassed to try the thing anyway, even in private.

Rooftrellen3920d ago

I used to wish games I didn't like would bomb, and I would ask why people buy it.

Then, as a grew up, I realized its just childish. I hate most FPS, and most of them don't even have a "gimmick" to stand on, its just the same thing that was released last week with different guns and set in a different place.

However, I never wish failure upon them. After all, the world doesn't revolve around me and what I like.

killer_trap3920d ago

i salute you and bubble you sir. and i can't have anymore comments :-(

MK_Red3920d ago

Rooftrellen, I also don't wish failure for games that I don't like. I hate Madden and most of sports games. I don't like Halo trilogy and I'm not a big fan of Zelda or Mario games but never wish them failure.

I never wish a game to fail, no matter had bad it is or how much I hate it. The reason I wish failure for WiiFit is not because I hate it, it's because its NOT a game and even as a workout tool, it sucks pretty bad. It's inaccurate and unfun. Too easy even compared to WiiPlay and Wii Sports.
Wishing failure for a game is one thing and wishing the same for an abomination of junk is another thing. When Nintendo fans like ScrewAttack and some of my Nintendo crazy friends hated WiiFit, you gotta know there is something terribly wrong with that thing.

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TheHater3920d ago

Why are people still posting links to this site? It full of Worms and Viruses. And their data sucks azz.

killer_trap3920d ago

i don't find their numbers very misleading. they are inaccurate in a way but they get the job done most of the time.

kingofps33920d ago

VGChartz is the hot sh!t right now on N4G. Even though I hate the site and their inaccurate sale figures.

HarryEtTubMan3920d ago

I doubt the PS3 will REALLY start taking over yet.. I would still give it 2-3 years but its defiantely selling much much better

wiizy3920d ago

ds is still killing the competition which says it loud and clear that graphics is not what matters but something new and fresh...wii will be back on top since nintendo will release more consoles and send sony fanboys into a frenzy