The Catch-Up - Amnesia: The Dark Descent

Default Prime's Kyree Leary tried to play through what is said to be the scariest game ever at Halloween. Things didn't go so well... Find out why.

"I did it. I finally decided to man up and do it. I now own Amnesia: The Dark Descent on Steam. Huzzah!
After months and months of talking about how I want to play it, explaining how I’ve been staying away from the game and stalling due to its fearful reputation and thinking to myself what an entertaining version of The Catch-Up it would make, Steam and the universe decided to team up and have a Halloween sale; Amnesia: The Dark Descent was brought down from $20 to a measly $4. “Your move, Kyree” is what I heard the universe say (because I speak Universe, obviously)."

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Tachyon_Nova2269d ago

Picked this up the other day from Steam too, havent gotten to play it yet though.

GunofthePatriots2269d ago

played this at a friends house. very creepy. wish i had a good enough pc :(

MeatAbstract2269d ago

This game is incredibly scary. I completed it, but in an hour to two hour bursts over a period of 4 or 5 days.

The atmosphere is just so intense and its there all the time that breaks really are required because it leaves you drained. Its not a relaxing gameplay experience, but its one I really recommend.

pr0digyZA2269d ago

I could only play for around 10-20 minute bursts, because most of the time I was holding my breath.

buckley2269d ago

Scariest game I've ever played, and as a result, hell of a thrilling experience.

It's a must-play IMO