Nintendo's Biggest Threat? R4

It's called the R4, and it's here to rain on Nintendo's parade. The R4 fits right into the DS's cartridge slot. Data is stored on a Micro SD and downloaded via a flash drive. The R4 has a small slot that the Micro SD card goes into.

The China-made piracy device is available all over Akihabara, where retailers advertise it vaguely: "New R4 shipment has finally arrived! You know what it does! Absolutely no questions will be answered concerning this product..." or "Guaranteed for one week only! Of course we can't explain what the R4 will do..." Says a Nintendo spokesperson:

With DS games appearing on the internet within days of release, the R4 is certainly a very real threat. And something Nintendo should be keeping a closer eye on.

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MK_Red3887d ago

What does it do exactly? And also, hasn't piracy already reached DS?

mighty_douche3887d ago

basically they allow you to back-up your games onto a mini SD card so you could say put all your DS games on this card to save you having to carry them all with you.


you can download pre bundled collections of DS games off torrent sites, load them onto your mini SD and away you go. As the SD is 2 gig and the average DS game is about 80mb you can fit ALOT of games on one R4.

if you dont mind taking part in piracy then basically you'll buy an R4 and never have to buy another DS game.

gta_cb3887d ago

two of my brothers have a DS and if i remember correctly they have no fw updates like the PSP so its simple to do this without worrying about being found out or bricking your DS

glennhkboy3887d ago

It "backup" games into a MicroSD card. Then you can "recall" it any time. The beautiful of this thing is that there is no hardware modification required on the DS. That's why this "backup" device is very popular, even in Japan herself. Now, Chinese & HK government is cracking down on this product. The "producer" just change the name to "5R" or something, & still selling like crazy over at China & Hong Kong.

IntelligentAj3887d ago

Sucks to be them(although not really with the money they are raking in right now)

Prismo_Fillusion3887d ago

The video game industry hasn't pissed me off enough yet to warrant my obtaining illegal copies of games. The music industry on the other hand...

ChickeyCantor3887d ago

R4 is evil i have it, homebrew apz are awesome =D

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The story is too old to be commented.