EVE Online And DUST 514 Developer Interview

JTM Games recently had a chance to meet with Sveinn J. Kjarval, EVE Online’s Community Developer to talk about the state of EVE Online and it’s cross-platform play with DUST 514 on the PS3 and the PS Vita.

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kefkah2327d ago

Good job on the interview and asking the kinda questions that we want to hear about. Thanks!

jtmgames2326d ago

Thanks so much for the comment! Hope you liked it.

jujubee882326d ago

Just wished you would have asked them about what role the PS Vita will be playing in Dust 514.

CCP have not really released a lot of info.

DraconicPanda2326d ago

this game is literally the only reason I keep my ps3

jtmgames2326d ago

@jujubee88 - I asked them about the PS VIta thing. They said "We can't comment on that at this time."