Classic Rockstar Humor Returns to GTA V

GR - "The classic R* humor makes a speedy return."

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dourvas2303d ago

an article for this ? really? well .. i like gta v so you are excused

Tanir2303d ago

didnt read the article but does this mean running over 10 elvis's is back? would be cool

MasterD9192303d ago

OH MAN! I hope you are 100% right...!

I miss those Elvis impersonators from GTA 2.

Blaze9292303d ago

better mean the return of three+ weapon packs which must include a flamethrower, chainsaw, rocket launcher, machine gun, etc. as well as tanks...and yeah, pretty much everything Saints Row remembered that Rockstar forgot.

e-p-ayeaH2303d ago

Im hoping for a killer spree mode.

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