Will GTA V be worthy of your time?

Brutal Gamer held a staff debate on the new GTA V trailer and what past lessons on GTA have taught us. These are the views of team members Justin and Robbie as they make their case both for and against the 5th coming of Grand Theft Auto.

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ATi_Elite2360d ago

That's like asking do fish need water!

Trenta272360d ago

Stupidest question ever. Of course it's worth our time.

steve30x2360d ago

From the info I have seen from the video analysis I say yes. It has almost everything I wanted in GTA. I hope car tuning is in and I hope the map is as big as the map in san andreas.

EliteAssass1n2360d ago

In before the trolls get here.

Hellz yes!!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.