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DiLeCtioN2176d ago

Peer Pressure, it may just get to you.

Elite is not worth paying for no matter how fancy they try to make it to be.

Rhythmattic2176d ago

Wow Amazing..........

(borat impersonation) NOT

ginsunuva2176d ago (Edited 2176d ago )

This is why cod sells; it's a social network for most people not a game. They like being with others, not playing games. That's why they're not gamers, only pseudo-socializers.

Facebook sucks too so joining with cod makes it more repelling.

It's sad that games will sell more for being more "social."

BlitzAK2176d ago

Social aspect is important for online gaming, how will competitive gaming rise otherwise?

SolidStoner2175d ago

great ideas.. but pay for this in double is just stupid!