Bladestorm: The Hundred Years' War Review

Bladestorm: The Hundred Years' War follows actual The Hundred Years' War between France and England. You play as a Mercenary for hire and are able to play the way that you want to play. You can fight for just one side or go where the best money is. This game has 40+ hours of just the main story line and it also provides "side quest" that you can do once you finish the main story line.

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MK_Red3886d ago

WTF!? 9.3/10 for this!?? If this game deserves 9.3/10 then N3 should have been 15/10.
And as a PS3 game, 9.3/10 means Uncharted should get 240/10. I can't imagine any PS3 user going for this when Uncharted, R&C TOD and others are out, not to mention multi games like Assassins, COD4, Rock Band, GH3 and many others.

Fluffy2Duffy3886d ago

I download the demo version and man!!! What a fcuked up game it is!! it's shouldn't be on PS3!!!! What a loss....