Which Retailer Benefits Gamers The Most? (Part 2: GameStop)

In this feature, we will explore which video game retailer benefits gamers the most. The retailers we’ll be looking at are Best Buy, Game Stop, Wal-Mart, and Amazon. Today we will be exploring GameStop. The retailer in this list that only specializes in videogames and videogame merchandise. By Cole of Trendy Gamers.

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TrendyGamers2305d ago

This is part 2 of a 4 part series so let me know your experiences with Gamestop!

TrendyGamers2305d ago

Just because they break street dates all the time!

jc485732305d ago (Edited 2305d ago )

you're also literally getting the new games for 40 and under. Sometimes even free if you keep up with their promotional deals. If only Amazon went back to this system as well. I've only shopped at gamestop a couple of times this year just mainly for very cheap games. I don't like the fact that they need to "educate" you on what to get.

banner2305d ago

The deal looks good... Your going to buy games regardless so why not earn point while doing it?!

However, I have a vendetta with gamestop... I had 2 occasions of my wife buying me a game and they sell her the last copy that was open. This was 2 yrs ago and it still has me mad, how you going to charge me full price for an open box game! I don't care if it was never sold.. For all I know it was the game passes around to the employees.

After spending $60 plus tax... I want to be the taking off the wrap, may e it's weird but for that kind of money I want to enjoy that moment...

SwampCroc2305d ago

yeah I've heard my gamestop employees say they have a rewrap machine in the backroom... and I've heard rumors of gamestop repackaging used games and selling them as new... but I don't know if they really do it.

I'm a member of the powerup rewards... it's got it's perks and it's free because the $14.99 you pay is really for the Magazine Subscription to Game Informer for 1 year...

so yeah... you can get points, read gaming articles... and like you said you are going to buy the game anyway...

but I understand your dilemma.

banner2305d ago (Edited 2305d ago )

Yea... I do miss getting the gi mag.. It is a good deal and you really are paying for the mag it's been a while since I been to gs and my wife knows better now incase I'm not with her..

I plan on buying bf3 or batman tomorrow maybe I'll sign up.

I don't think you can fake that plastic smell, the way the cover feels before fingerprints, or the security seal you have to peel. But I'm sure not everyone pays attention to stuff like that so who knows..

If I ever get sold a repackage and realize it when I get home I will never go back to that store

Hicken2305d ago

To the best of my knowledge- which encompasses six or seven stores that I've worked/shopped at- GameStop no longer makes use of the rewrapping machines. As for employees playing the games, we're encouraged to play used copies, unless we've got money on a new copy of our own, or there are no used copies. Even then, there are rules governing the availability of such games.

MasterD9192305d ago

Amazon IMO is the best...However, I haven't pre-ordered all of my future titles through them due to some nice price deals at NewEgg...

I'm beginning to like BB more these days now that they allow game trade-ins. I find their trade in deals are better than the deals at Gamestop even too.

TrendyGamers2305d ago

The amazon one will be up within a day or two!

thebudgetgamer2305d ago

I never had a problem at gamestop, I don't trade games and I love their buy two get one free deals.

The people that get ripped off only have themselves to blame, don't be a sucker.

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