Need for Speed: The Run - Exclusive Interview & Multiplayer Gameplay Footage

Need for Speed: The Run producer Brian Lindley talks about this wildly anticipated racing title, including the awesome new multiplayer features. Also: Mad High-Five and Side-Hug Action

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lance422181d ago

This will be the first Need 4 Speed game I'm excited for since the PS2.

Azule612181d ago

Sweet, I haven't been this interested in a NFS game since underground 2. Nice interview.

DemonStration2181d ago

Sounds great but the framerate in the demo has me worried. It made the game look pretty ugly.

Perjoss2181d ago

Didn't really like the demo, the avalanche was a cool idea but I don't like how they executed it.

Chuk52181d ago

Wildly? Let's not get carried away here.