Eurogamer: GoldenEye 007: Reloaded Review

James Bond isn't a man afraid to reinvent himself. Changing his face as often as Dr. Who, he's tried desperately to stay current despite his chauvinistic ways and predictable clichés. He'd nearly lost his appeal during a six-year hiatus in the early nineties before Pierce Brosnan took the mantle as England's greatest super-spy in GoldenEye. While the movie was decent enough, it had a greater impact on gaming when the N64 shooter based on the film became a cult phenomenon upon release in 1997.

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OhMyGandhi2419d ago

It's hard to admit, but the only way to really get back to the way I felt about n64's Goldeneye is to...actually plug in my n64 and play it that way, blowing in the cartridge for the thing to run and all.

From what I've heard the single player in this game is rather poor, which sucks because though the Multiplayer was king in Goldeneye 64, the single player was still not only perfectly playable but damned addicting and entertaining as well.

If you are going to remake a game for next gen consoles, why the hell deviate from the original in terms of story and general mission layout? I don't quite get it.

BakedGoods2419d ago

Played the Wii version, I enjoyed it.

Was surprised they charged $60 for this game at launch. While I'm a fan, I'll watch the price plummet to BRINK-levels before I buy.

MasterD9192419d ago (Edited 2419d ago )

Yeah- anyone who buys this game on day 1 or the 1st week will be hating themselves when this game is going for $39.99 by Black Friday.