Live the PS LifeStyle In PlayStation Home

PSLS: The redesigned PlayStation Home arrives today. There are a lot of new things to check out, and for some of you this may be the first time in a while, or perhaps ever, that you have been to this virtual social gaming world. Maybe you might feel like your avatar needs some new clothing? We’ve got an exclusive (and FREE) downloadable voucher that we think you’re going to love.

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joinsideke2453d ago

Fake shirts are awesome until i can get a real one

Lifewish2453d ago

I might have to log into home for once.

CynicalVision2453d ago

Why would I want to wear a logo for a website? Take your advertising somewhere else.

killerhog2452d ago

should take your comment/time somewhere else thatll youll find interesting.

nix2453d ago

nice. good going guys.

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