Trine 2 Beta (First Impression) - LAG

Hello again ladies and gentlemen, I’m here bringing you another dose of opinion, straight through your computer screen. Today we are going to be looking at the beta for Trine 2, the sequel to the hit game called Trine (I know, shocking, right?) developed and published by Frozenbyte in 2009. This will not be a review, but a first impressions, as I feel rating an unfinished beta for a game would be unfair.

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Luc202362d ago

Never finished the first one. Not sure am keen on getting Trine 2 but if a demo is available I will give it a try.

moofo2362d ago

It's pretty good.
But you have to pre-order to get the demo :( Although there will be an xbla/psn demo/trial.