Why I Want the Special Edition of Skyward Sword

Why the Special Edition of Zelda: Skyward Sword is a good deal.

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lorianguy2451d ago

I want it because it's shiny.

MakiManPR2451d ago

I want it cuz I don't have a Motion+

Darkfocus2451d ago

lol same pretty much have to get it so I'll be able to play the game...

dragon822451d ago

I pre-ordered teh regular edition. It just isn't worth the extra proce when i already have four Wii controllers and two of them are motion+.

Admiralsombrero2451d ago

I have mine pre-ordered on amazon because it's an instant collector's item. The downside is, I have to wait untill the 23rd instead of the 20th because mail doesn't happen on sundays. :(

lephunk2451d ago

where do you see it on amazon? i can't find the special edition anywhere.

Apocwhen2451d ago

It sold out a couple of weeks ago on Amazon unfortunately

Admiralsombrero2451d ago

I Pre-ordered mine back in august, and Amazon is all sold out on limited edition pre-orders now, but you can still pre-order it from gamestop but it's first come first serve when it releases.

Errol James2451d ago

oh crap. I should probably make more of an effort to let Santa know that I need this edition. I'm getting nervous now. Oh Boy. Gamestop it is