Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer trailer shows new modes, maps

Activision has launched a fresh Modern Warfare 3 trailer focusing on the game's new multiplayer modes.

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WetN00dle692447d ago

Beautiful!!! I cant wait!

Relientk772447d ago (Edited 2447d ago )

Completely agree

I cannot wait for MW3. I am gonna dive into this multiplayer and get completely hooked, and I am ok with that.


I'll also play the campaign, and spec ops with friends.

I'll be playing this game for a long time.

WetN00dle692447d ago

INDEED! First thing im gonna do is play the campaign. Then ill head on over to the Multiplayer!

Relientk772447d ago

I'll play the campaign, and multiplayer solo.

Then I'll play spec ops with my friends and more online split-screen multiplayer with them


DEADEND2446d ago

I'll be playing the multiplayer for the first week before jumping to the SP and Spec Ops mode, I don't want people to have too much of a upper hand on me on multiplayer off the back lol.

ndl15312446d ago

wow activision churns out this rehash every year and people eat it up . looks like call of duty 4 all over . whats next a call of duty every six months ? what is baffling is every tool is gonna run and buy this cause its the "IT" game to play .( teh u gots deh new call of dudu? herd it waz tight) .

hotskys2446d ago

why do you even care? does it effect you or your gaming directly? no. get a hobby.

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Angerfist2446d ago

MW3 looks nice even though its more of the same, trying to get it early today hopefully.
Playing the MP first to see whats going on.
Does this have Combat Training?

Relientk772446d ago

I think it was announced that it does not have combat training