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Dart892177d ago

Can't wait to see some actual gameplay.

ZeroX98762177d ago

awesome! I hope it's classic rainbow gameplay style and not all those major fps gameplay style.

Convas2177d ago

I'm going to save that man and get him back to his family. I really hope that's possible.

Glad to see a developer stepping out and really taking some risks with the FPS genre. I was genuinely shocked at what happened at the end of the trailer.

chak_2177d ago

Sorry for americans here, but if there are too much patriotism, US flags everywhere and "hey we're marines guys *spit*" kind of moment I might just puke.

I'd like something subtle ubi please. I've quite enjoyed the R6 originals and the vegas, don't ruins it.

ZombieAssassin2177d ago

Can't freakin' wait gonna have to load up some RSV2 now.

Hockeydud192177d ago

Terrorist Hunt for the win.

ZombieAssassin2177d ago

Hellz yea that's all I play.

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