10 Things the PS3 Does Right

As the PlayStaion 3 celebrates its first birthday, Gameplayer has taken a look at the 10 key decisions Sony made that were right for the success of the console.

"By comparison, you effectively pay 'tax' to play the Xbox 360 online. Sure the roads to your destination have less potholes, but we'll take a few bumps and bruises to paying a tax! And what does it mean for multi-format games? As support for split-screen dwindles in the face of the online revolution, games are being released with incomplete feature sets. The box art for both the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of Game 'A' may pimp '12 multiplayer maps' and '16 players online' and both have an RRP of $119.95, but to enjoy that feature on the Xbox 360 version you also need to pay a subscription tax to the 'Soft. Bugger that!"

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HarryEtTubMan3801d ago

I wanna open my PS3 so bad.

stunt2133801d ago

Whoa, i think this is the first positive ps3 article that gotten lots of view

felman873801d ago

Much like a hooker, what the PS3’s online interface lacks in sexiness, it certainly makes up for in accessibility.

InMyOpinion3801d ago

4. PS2 Support - Not for the 40gb version.

7. Not Rushing the Major Franchises - Lair?

8. Intelligent Internet? What makes it more 'intelligent' than internet on any PC in the world? Nothing.

Either think or click disagree, your choice.

GodofPeace3801d ago

Then get the 80 gig or what's left of the 60 gigs.

Lair isn't a major franchise... its a new IP not like GT

deeznuts3801d ago

Lair wasn't major nor do I think it was rushed. It just sucked

m91058263801d ago

Lair really wasn't that bad. It wasn't as polished as it could have been, but it was still a pretty cool game that has a bad rap.

hardcorehippiez3801d ago

ITS A CONSOLE and thus very different from anything else on the market.

InMyOpinion3801d ago (Edited 3801d ago )

I'm just critizising what he said in the article, not the console itself. I'd get the 60gb, more bang for the buck so to speak.

Sorry, Lair was the best game ever. GOTY no doubt...

lawman11083801d ago

There is no way as people buy this system and the number of people who use their on line will it stay free. This is just bait on the hook and down the road be it a year or two they will charge for it. Look I used to spen more then $50 bucks at a bar in 1 night so paying for 13 months to play on line does not matter to me. I jsut dont belive they will let that kind of cash pass them up.

waltercross3801d ago

You can't really compare a PC to a Console, there two different animals, a PC's Internet is better right now, but this will one day change.

stevenhiggster3800d ago

Of course free on line is going to last, it's been on the pc for years and was on the ps2 for years (ok so the ps2's wasn't much use for much, but it was there) why wouldn't it last ya plumb!

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MikeGdaGod3801d ago (Edited 3801d ago )

1. Customisable Hard-Drive - i never realized how much media i had until i filled my 60gb in two weeks. i got a 120gb in now with 40gb of space left.

2. Free and Accessible Online - a must. it's bullsh!t to pay just to play online.

5. Quality Parts - after dealing with the 360, this is a blessing.

10. All-in-One Entertainment - the reason i bought a ps3 and got rid of my 360

having owned both systems, i can honestly say the ps3 is th best system out. it's missing a few features but those will be here shorty and more. plus it has all the games i'm interested in and some of the best franchizes in gaming history.

the ps3 is the best gadget i've bought in years

FF7numba13801d ago (Edited 3801d ago )

only an idoit would pay game online. LOL considering your already paying for internet.

Mr Marbles3801d ago

This guy sounds a little biased, his first point was really good, the non proprietary hard drive in the PS3 is a great idea.
But then the second point was a little weaker, and buy the time he got to the sixsuxus, i was like wait a minute is he serious? Sixsuxus is a huge mistake and a crappy controller, they should have had rumble from day one, now we all have to buy new controllers, Sony should not be praised for such a bone headed move, anyone with half a brian knows that. Clearly this guy is biased or just plain stupid, all the rest of his points were very weak as well, he was really reaching to find good things to say about the PS3.

SlappingOysters3801d ago

It says the no rumble decision was a big mistake. But allowing for rechargable controller out of the box and including motion functionality were good calls.

Anyway, it's got rumble now.

Blabbermouth3801d ago

"Leaving rumble out of the PS3’s SIXAXIS controller was a big mistake, there’s no doubt. But the controller itself remains a ‘right’ for two main reasons, both of which are only strengthened by Sony’s recent decision to head back to rumble. Firstly, you can recharge your controller straight out of the box by a USB cable. It sounds simple enough and it is, which is why we’re stunned both the Xbox 360 and the Nintendo Wii opted for the"

lonestarmt3801d ago

next week he is going to do 10 things the 360 did right, sooo he isn't biased. Face it the PS3 did alot of things right, and isn't the failure some people always will try to make it out to be.

waltercross3801d ago

He is saying that the SIXAXIS controller is an optional thing that a game developer can utilize, but not required to use.

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