Why Europe Can't Date Sexy Catherine Yet

Daav from longs for his new virtual girlfriend Catherine, but can't reach her, because her passport hasn't cleared for Europe yet. This will not stand, so Daav asked Deep Silver what the hold up is. It seems she's still beautifying herself in the bathroom. Women, right?

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HarryMasonHerpderp2326d ago

I think everyone in europe that realy wanted this game imported already.

zerocrossing2326d ago

We get this game next year? WTF! not that Im gonna pick it up right away anyway, but why the hell dose Europe have to wait so long?

tiffac0082326d ago

Because your not picking it up right away bro, its your fault. lol!

Sorry I couldn't help it XD

zerocrossing2326d ago

If I decide to get it day one you think they'll push the release date forward? D:

Lol XD well I'm torn between Asuras Wrath or Catherine, Its brawn or boobs here... now what is a guy to do ;D

tiffac0082326d ago

Boobs! Okay that sounded so wrong when its about a game character we are talking about. lol!

BitbyDeath2326d ago

Strange, it's been out here in Australia for months now and we are usually considered as part of Europe (in the gaming world)

HarryMasonHerpderp2325d ago

Guys seriously just import it from the US
it will end up costing you about the same
i got my copy for £40 limited edition free postage
from the US the first day it got released.