Grand Theft Auto: A Look Back At Chaos and Carjackings

GameZone's Robert Workman takes a look back at everything Grand Theft Auto, and goes through each game and its history.

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TheSanchezDavid2452d ago

Some great memories with this series. I still need to go back and play GTA IV.

360ICE2452d ago

I don't think games should be as violent as the GTA games. 3 year old kids could by accident start the game and before they know it they'll be burning hookers, shooting hobos and refusing to pay their taxes. Unlike movies games teach you to do whatever happens in the game, so when you kill a person in GTA a person dies in real life because of you. True story: The first world war was started by a video game.

These are some of the legit arguments we've heard over the years.

TopDudeMan2452d ago

So, full swing with the GTA news stories today? I mean, at least this article has a purpose. The other ones are just blind speculation.