New 3DS firmware update included with Super Mario 3D Land, improves Friends List

It has been revealed that a new 3DS firmware update must be applied before users can play Super Mario 3D Land.

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HALODST2267d ago

Cant wait for this game!!

DA_SHREDDER2267d ago (Edited 2267d ago )

Friends list? LOL! Yeah, some good online capabilities the 3DS has, you can't even voice chat. Man i hope the big N doesn't screw up the WiiU as bad as they did with the 3DS. 3 cameras and we can't even do 2 person video chat. What a joke!?

yabhero2267d ago

That takes a lot of processing power

LoaMcLoa2267d ago

You can't cross-game chat on PS3.. But you shouldn't really care for that stuff.

360ICE2267d ago

Yes, you can. Cross game VOICE chat would be something else dumbo.